Thursday 20 June 2024

Trend Micro to address threats amid rising adoption of Gen-AI

DUBAI, 27 days ago

A Tokyo-based cybersecurity leader has unveiled plans that are designed to address the unique opportunities and risks faced by consumers as they increasingly adopt generative AI applications, alongside the expected growth in adoption of AI PCs.

The strategy of Trend Micro Inc is aimed at helping consumers embrace the use of generative AI applications safely to lower their risk of being harmed by the use, and abuse of AI in the form of unintentional exposure of data, scams and fraud, phishing emails or deepfake videos.

Eva Chen, Co-Founder and CEO at Trend, said: “Generative AI represents an infrastructure shift that requires us to use our long history of understanding digital threats to develop innovative solutions and meet the moment.

“Our goal is to ensure every user, from individual consumers to the largest organizations in the world, can harness the full potential of AI and AI PCs securely and confidently.”

The arrival of AI PCs also represents another shift in how consumers will use AI applications in the future, thanks to the neural processing units (NPUs) that power them.

Consumers will now be able to use AI applications locally on their devices, promising better speed and privacy than having to access or send data to be processed in the cloud.

This additional computing power also presents the opportunity for Trend to deliver some of its cloud AI capabilities on device and introduce new capabilities that take advantage of the efficiency and data privacy benefits that AI PCs offer.

Trend Micro will be delivering solutions for consumers in the second half of 2024, and leverage AI in both existing and new products and services, including:

• AI Application Protection: Protection capabilities against tampering with AI applications, contaminating the AI application with malicious input, and preventing AI applications from inadvertently or maliciously accessing sensitive data.

• Malicious AI Content Protection: Solutions that protect consumers from malicious AI-generated or AI-altered content.

• NPU-powered Cybersecurity Capabilities: Solutions designed for AI PCs that leverage the additional compute power. – TradeArabia News Service



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