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The PlanetQuest Universe

PlanetQuest unveils Outposts Early Game Preview

DUBAI, February 21, 2024

Galactic Entertainment, a leading entertainment studio headquartered in the UAE, continues to redefine the entertainment landscape with the announcement of the Outposts Early Game Preview. 
Fuelled by the anticipation of its flagship project, PlanetQuest, Galactic Entertainment is poised to offer the audience a first look at Outposts, an early foray into managing planets in the PlanetQuest Universe.
Loren Roosendaal, Founder and Chairman of Galactic Entertainment, is at the forefront of innovation once again, introducing Outposts as an extension of the cinematic multiverse envisioned with PlanetQuest. 
Driving force
Roosendaal's extensive background as a serial entrepreneur, coupled with his significant achievements in the space, positions him as a driving force in the evolution of blockchain gaming.
Galactic Entertainment's flagship project, PlanetQuest, aims to create the first cinematic multiverse while fostering an engaged community involved from the project's inception. Renowned writers, video game developers, and artists with experience in iconic IPs like Marvel and Star Wars are crafting the foundation for PlanetQuest. 
The community, which has rapidly grown to hundreds of thousands of fans in just a few months, actively participates in votes that influence the episodic storyline, which is concurrently being adapted into novels and comics by writers such as Ben Earl, the infamous mind behind Deadly Neighborhood Spider-Man and Daredevil & Echo.
Strategy game
The eagerly anticipated Outposts Preview introduces players to a lightweight planet management strategy game that lets them build out their own worlds, forge alliances, attack foes and shape the story of PlanetQuest. Anyone joining this preview of Outposts stands a chance to win and name an entire planet, valued at an estimated $25,000, which will serve as the backdrop for the upcoming PlanetQuest graphic novel. 
Roosendaal said: “Outposts is a testament to our commitment to pioneering novel experiences in the gaming realm. It perfectly aligns with Galactic Entertainment's ethos of inviting our community to shape the narrative. The opportunity for fans to name the very planet that will be the canvas for our graphic novel is a groundbreaking move. 
“It not only reflects our dedication to innovation but also underscores the power we give to our fans to become decision-makers in this epic journey of the Galactic Entertainment multiverse. We are pulling back the curtain and inviting our fans to be architects of the fandom project they love.”--TradeArabia News Service


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