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Rizwan Ahmed

Noor Oil allies with BEEAH to recycle used cooking oil

, February 20, 2024

Noor Oil, one of IFCCO’s flagship brands, is joining forces with the BEEAH Group to recycle used cooking oil to bio-diesel, an alternative bio-fuel, a practice that extends far beyond mere waste management.
The organisation’s strategy involves a commitment to contributing to a sustainable, meaningful, and achievable shift in food systems, continuously improving the value chain practices, protecting the environment, making efficient use of natural resources and enhancing the quality of life in the communities in which the group operates to contribute to global food security.
Rizwan Ahmed, Executive Director at IFFCO Group, commented: “Facilitating positive environmental change has never been more accessible for the public to become ambassadors for change by recycling their used cooking oil and having it converted into bio diesel by BEEAH, the regional experts in sustainability solutions. They simply collect a UCO bottle from a Noor representative in one of our approved outlets and fill it with used oil. Then, just deposit them in the used cooking oil collection machines and pick up a new UCO container, becoming a part of the global use and reuse cycle.”
Pivotal step
Ahmed added: “Noor is one of IFFCO’s most popular brands and our commitment to satisfy consumers includes incorporating a range of sustainable practices across the entire value chain. This is a pivotal step in our relentless pursuit of cleaner, more eco-friendly energy solutions, helping us, and our customers, innovate and drive the movement towards responsible living.”
The recycling process begins with the collection of used cooking oil, which has been allowed to cool, in the UCO bottles. Consumers fill the bottles with their used oil and once the bottle is full, it can be dropped off in any of the BEEAH machines, currently located in Sharjah National Park, Al Gharayen, Umm Al Moumineen Women's Association, Rashidya 3, and Dubai’s JLT, near Tim Hortons. They can then take a fresh clean UCO bottle, ready for the next cycle. 
Rafael Sanjurjo Lopez, CEO of BEEAH Tandeef, said: “This reflects our own commitment to circular economies and zero-waste cities; while providing the public with a sustainable and smart solution that helps them to contribute to a socially responsible future. By repurposing cooking oil, we are generating alternative fuel and saving water, aiding the achievement of national and global targets in emissions control and climate action. With the support of NOOR Oil and its loyal customer base, we expect at least 2,000 shoppers to use the UCO bottles in the first year, saving at least two million litres of water. As this service gains traction, we expect this figure to grow exponentially, creating greater impact for a sustainable and environmentally secure future.”-- TradeArabia News Service


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