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Dr Imran Mohammed

Mubadala Health Dubai uses ground-breaking techniques

DUBAI, March 15, 2023

Mubadala Health Dubai, Mubadala Health’s first strategic expansion outside the emirate of Abu Dhabi, has successfully completed its first surgery using a ground-breaking approach to deliver a precision dose of anesthetic. This reduced the patient’s recovery time, enabling a quick discharge and minimal discomfort. 
The patient’s entire surgery time was 33 minutes, and they spent a total of one hour in the operating theatre. Through a series of preoperative education sessions with the clinical team, and procedures involving malnutrition screening and body composition analysis, using a bioelectrical device, the western board-certified medical team, was able to accurately calculate the dose of medication for surgery to prevent the chance of awareness during surgery, or drowsiness after. 
Post-surgery, the patient was transferred to a discharge lounge where they were monitored and provided with the required nutritional support, medication, and an at-home care plan, before being discharged safely the same day.
Better patient outcomes
Dr Imran Mohammed, Consultant Anesthesiologist at Mubadala Health Dubai said: “Surgery has often been performed out of need, with minimal consideration for the patient’s experience of disorientation and pain once the procedure is complete. At Mubadala Health Dubai, we have explored ways in which patients can be discharged in the least amount of time, and with minimum amount of pain. 
“We want to ensure better patient outcomes and have looked at scientific ways to ensure this. Implementing stringent preoperative procedures is one such measure, as we do a thorough assessment to determine the precise dose of medication and anesthetics we need to deliver to the patient when they are undergoing their surgery. All these measures are in line with international standards of care. 
“Going above-and-beyond, we use quantitative measures to monitor how a patient is doing during the surgery. This includes brain monitoring which ensures that the patient is fully unconscious and in a state of ease,” continued Dr Mohammed. 
He said that by employing such tools, the patient is more alert and ready for discharge once consciousness is regained. “The use of monitoring shortens the patient’s recovery time – it was entirely as we predicted, we could control the dose of anesthetic in response to how deeply asleep the patient was. In fact, when our patient woke up when being transferred from the surgical suite to the discharge lounge, they were smiling and in an amicable mood. They were also able to immediately converse with the caregiver team without the usual side effects such as drowsiness or confusion.”
Short-term discomfort
Dr Jatin Dedhia, Consultant Anesthesiologist and Chronic Pain Specialist at Mubadala Health Dubai, noted that surgery provides patients with a solution to their condition, but can cause short-term discomfort, which can be eliminated using the right preemptive steps. 
“This is why we work extensively before the surgery to ensure that apart from the surgery itself, which will take place during an allocated day, the medications prescribed to the patient will not have any adverse side effects which influences a timely discharge,” said Dr Dedhia.  
With a patient experience team member allocated to manage the patient’s surgery experience from start to finish, Mubadala Health Dubai was able to provide measured, and convenient care for their condition, which went unaddressed for nearly four months before the procedure. 
The patient was recommended to Mubadala Health Dubai to receive further treatment, undergo surgery, and receive a continuum of care that was not previously provided at their previous healthcare facility. The patient was able to return home on the same day, and their lifestyle and quality of life were positively impacted by the operation.
The day surgery procedure was led by Dr Francois Prunel, a French board-certified general and digestive surgeon, supported by Dr Mohammed, a UK board-certified consultant in anesthesiology, Dr Dedhia, a UK board-certified consultant in anesthesiology and chronic pain specialist, and their team of western-certified dieticians and nurse practitioners.-- TradeArabia News Service


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