Mawarid Holding inks co-operation deal with Desert Control

UAE-based Mawarid Holding Company for Investment (MHI) said it has signed a long-term co-operation agreement with leading agri-tech startup Desert Control to jointly work on the greening of the desert and ensuring food security resources.
The deal will also pave way for ensuring food security resources, reducing the increasing demand for water, increasing the efficiency of environmentally friendly energy use and protecting the biodiversity of ecosystems in the UAE and the region.
MHI, through its subsidiaries, is one of the leaders in landscaping field as well as the conservation and management of 438 forest and reserves in Abu Dhabi covering over 200,000 hectares comprising 13 million forestry trees and 400,000 date palm trees.
On the tieup, Managing Director Abduljaleel Alblouki said: "With this new initiative we are reducing the water demand, increasing energy use efficiency, protecting and improving our environmental resources and safeguarding the biodiversity of our ecosystems and improving the afforestation and cultivation system."
"All of which are bringing us one step closer to achieving the objective of securing a sustainable future for UAE in general and Abu Dhabi in particular," he stated.
CEO Ayman El Gayar said: "We, at MHI, are driven to create value by learning about new innovations in sustainable practices and adopting them to reduce the bad  impacts on the environment, while driving profitable growth."
Gayar said: "The liquid nano clay (LNC) technology is the latest addition into the MHI arsenal since it enables us to save water, reduce fertilizers, improve desert soils, fight desertification and reduce costs."
"Furthermore by signing the agreement with Desert Control, we will have an excellent  environmental impacts in UAE and  a lot of countries in GCC and Mena region," he added.TradeArabia News Service