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Saudi CITC offers details of NTN spectrum auction

Saudi Arabia's Communication and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has published the information memorandum for the Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) spectrum auction in the 2100MHz Band. 
The spectrum auction will commence on November 30. It is an integral part of the spectrum release program developed in the Spectrum Outlook for Commercial and Innovative Use of Spectrum 2021-2023 and CITC’s strategic direction to enable the next generation of non-terrestrial technologies in the kingdom, said a Saudi Press Agency report.
The auction has been designed to promote investments in the Saudi ICT sector and create a productive environment where new and innovative NTN technologies can grow and thrive. CITC will release key spectrum to enable the deployment of a new generation of NTN technologies, including Mobile Satellite Services (MSS), wireless connectivity on aircraft (A2G), Internet of Things through satellites (Sat-IoT) and hybrid 5G connectivity (5G CGC). This will further strengthen the Kingdom’s global leadership in the promotion of innovative uses of spectrum.
The Information Memorandum sets out the auction design and rules. It includes the spectrum blocks, permitted technologies, eligibility conditions, reserve prices, auction terms and obligations.
CITC invites all interested national and international parties to participate in this auction, said the report.