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UAE issues 1,036 new e-commerce licences in H1

A total of 1,036 new e-commerce licences were issued in the UAE during the first six months of 2020, reported state-run news agency Wam, citing statistics from the National Economic Registry of the Ministry of Economy.

The statistics showed that the number of e-commerce licences issued in May and June 2020 amounted to 112, a 12.1 percent rise compared to April 2020.

The Ministry noted that in light of the growing interest of investors in e-commerce activities, many specialist studies expect this sector to grow in the future. "The demand for online shopping has witnessed a significant increase by over 300 percent," it added, while quoting statistics issued by major shopping centres around the country.

"This continuous growth may lead to a surge in the sector’s value to over AED72 billion ($19.6 billion) by the end of 2020," the data showed, referring to estimates by relevant national authorities, including the ministry.

"Many of the UAE’s competitive advantages will contribute to the future development of e-commerce, most notably the country’s advanced telecommunications and e-services infrastructure and the significant rise in the use of the internet and smartphones," according to the Ministry.