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Rolls-Royce to axe 9,000 jobs amid Covid-19 crisis

Aircraft engine maker Rolls-Royce Rolls-Royce will be cutting at least 9,000 jobs becuase of the slump in demaind for air travel during the Covid-19 pandemic, said a report.
The majority of job losses are expected to fall in Britain, said a reort in BBC.
"This is not a crisis of our making. But it is the crisis that we face and we must deal with it," said the engine manufacturer's CEO Warren East. "We must take difficult decisions to see our business through these unprecedented times," he added.
Rolls-Royce, which employs 52,000 staff around the world, manufactures engines for wide-body aircraft used on long-haul intercontinental routes.
The aviation industry is expecting business from long-haul flights to remain sluggish for some time in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, the report said.