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Sezad signs two construction projects for Duqm Port

Oman’s Special Economic Zone Authority at Duqm (Sezad) has signed two agreements worth a total of RO48.4 million ($125.5 million) for the construction of a service corridor for Duqm Refinery products and two roads at Duqm Port.

Sezad signed an agreement for the construction of the two routes (roads One and Five) in the Special Economic Zone at Duqm with a cost estimated at RO38.8 million and another agreement to undertake the detailed design works and construction of the service road from Duqm Refinery to the bulk liquid products dock with a total cost of RO9.6 million.

The first project was awarded to Khalid bin Ahmed and Sons Company and is expected to be completed within a period of 27 months as of the date of award while the other project was awarded to Qurum Projects and Maintenance Company in collaboration with Patel Company and is expected to be completed within a period of 548 days.

The two projects are in line with the authority's efforts to complete the infrastructure serving the Special Economic Zone in Duqm.

The construction of the two routes is deemed as one of the vital projects for the Special Economic Zone in Duqm since they link the Duqm Port Area and the refinery and other strategic projects which will be built to facilitate the Heavy Industries Area and the new projects contribute to the empowerment of Duqm Port and Duqm Refinery.

Road One is a stretch of road as part of Duqm Port first package (IP1) extending from the crossroads leading to Oman Dry Dock Company and to the main road (Sultan Said bin Taimour Road) whereas Road Five stretches from the existing crossroads connecting both Roads One and Six and ends at Duqm Port bulk liquid petroleum products loading dock.

Following agreement, roadw One and Five will be connected to Sultan Said bin Taimour Road through the construction of a 1.62-km-long dual carriageway.

Road One is 3.93-km long and Road Five is about 3.3-km long.

The agreement has also provided for the construction of two 6.7-km long service roads including the soil improvement works and the drainage system.    

Duqm Refinery service corridor:

Duqm Refinery Service Corridor stretches from the Duqm Refinery till the Export Jetty at Duqm Port with a length of 6.5 km and width of 37.2 m and other checkpoints as per the design.

The project includes all the works required for preparation of the corridor to extend the export pipelines and their peripherals in terms of soil rehabilitation and maintaining the engineering levels as per the designs and technical specifications.

The project also includes the construction of roads along the corridor and implementation of bridges to extend the pipelines as the route crosses valleys and channels, the matter that requires the construction of upper passages for the pipes to avoid any obstacles that would impede the transfer of petroleum products for export purposes.

Moreover, the project also includes the construction of a protection fence of the same length on both sides to protect the pipelines against vandalism. – TradeArabia News Service