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Panasonic to bring transparent screen to market

Panasonic Corporation will begin sales of its high image contrast transparent screen that enables the use of glass, such as shop windows, as digital signage on March 22.

This product will include XC-CSG01G, a unique glass comprising a high contrast light control film placed in between 2 sheets of glass, which when voltage is applied changes from the screen mode to the transparent mode, as well as XC-CSC01G-A1, a control box.

Images are projected (from the rear) onto the glass during the screen mode. The control box will synchronously operate the projector and the screen per the image content, and change the screen from transparent mode to screen mode. During the transparent mode, it will serve as a shop window showcasing products and exhibits, and during the screen mode it can reproduce high resolution images on the glass to introduce information about new products or about various campaigns during the sale season, helping transform the show window into an even more captivating environment.
Moreover, multiple screens may be combined to create one large screen, the company said.

The demand among stores, shopping malls, museums, hotels, airports, and tourist information centres for a captivating exhibition service using digital signage is on the rise. Panasonic has received many requests for a system that would be capable of displaying high resolution images as digital signage and blend into the exhibition environment when not in use to create an alluring environment, the company said.

Panasonic applied the wealth of high resolution technologies it has fostered in the development of TVs and displays to create a transparent screen that could use the glass window as high resolution signage and provide a clear view of products and exhibits behind the glass when not in use as a screen, it added. – TradeArabia News Service