Friday 25 September 2020

The Spotii team

Spotii eases post pandemic payment pains

DUBAI, July 19, 2020

Spotii, the new ecommerce payment technology provider, is today taking another industry-disrupting leap with the offer of ‘No Pay Today’. 
In this customers make an online purchase and Pay Nothing for two weeks – then spread the cost over four equal payments in the future. 
The pandemic-beating new scheme exclusive to Spotii – with absolutely no hidden costs, fees or charges – will help consumers make purchases during the tough post-pandemic period. 
Here’s how it works: A consumer orders something online – from one of a growing number of partner merchants. The goods are delivered. Two weeks after the purchase date, the consumer pays 25% of the purchase cost, followed by another 25% payment every two weeks for the next six weeks. 
Available in the UAE, with plans to expand the offering across the GCC, No Pay Today is launched as part of Spotii’s ongoing innovative, disruptive plans to shake up the region’s payment mechanisms and boldly move away from the status quo of high charges, hidden interest and exorbitant penalties. 
“We launched in April”, explains CEO Anuscha Iqbal, “with the aim of always being a customer-centric company. At this time, as we ease into a different world, it’s the perfect time for us to launch a product which will really help people enjoy what they love today without worrying about excessive fees, charges or penalties. 
“In this region, cash has always been king, but we saw that changing, and the pandemic has fast-tracked everyone’s increasing use, and reliance on, card and online payments. Building on this, we want to simplify online purchases.”
Globally, research has shown deferred payment options increase the average online buyer’s basket size by 50-70%, boost conversion rates by 20-40%, and decrease refunds by up to 30%. This reduces the need for merchant discounting and raises customer loyalty.
“Credit cards, overdrafts and bank loans work in the bank’s favour. But with Spotii, we work in the consumer’sfavour; helping people benefit from what they need today, without signing up for years of payments, complex financial agreements or high interest. Spotii simply offers a new, easy way for people to make purchases without running up huge bills, ” adds the financial maven. 
Flexibility is at the heart of the payment technology company’s offerings. Already offering ‘Shop Now, Pay Later’ with an immediate quarterly payment; the latest offering extends consumer payment freedom even further, a panacea for pandemic financial woes. 
As a first-to-market technology, Spotii undertook local market research, unearthing a clear fact – that most people in the UAE were reluctant to make a purchase ‘sight unseen’ and wait on a delivery at some time in future. Hence the popularity of cash on delivery in the market. But No Pay Today means goods ordered online will be delivered before any payment has even been made towards the goods ordered – developing greater consumer trust and better faith and understanding of online purchasing.
While splitting payments is not a new concept, Spotii is the first payment-splitting offering in the region which does not charge consumers to use their service – and never will. 
As Spotii removes payment risk from the merchant, simple checks are made before a consumer joins the ever-growing Spotii community. 
“Spotii’s algorithms are based on good financial behaviour, trust and communication. We want consumers and merchants to trust our platform, while we manage any risk – without hassling consumers,” says Iqbal.
Flexible payment terms mean paying the cost of items purchased over eight weeks under the No Pay Today offering – without penalties for early re-payment, unlike most bank offerings. 
Merchants can sign up directly with Spotii using simple plugins designed to integrate with nearly all leading e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. Spotii also has a team of developers on hand to help forward-thinking merchants integrate Spotii with their existing online payment technology through an API, should they be required.
Merchants receive immediate payment from Spotii, so even those merchants who are unsure of taking online payments can rest assured of uninterrupted cash flow. Spotii makes money by charging merchants a small transaction fee for the myriad benefits that the Shop Now, Pay Later service provides. -- Tradearabia News Service


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