Wednesday 30 July 2014

Service providers key to success in the digital era

As enterprises move to become digital businesses, service providers should adapt their organisational structure, capabilities, offerings and engagement and delivery models to thrive in the new digital environment, said an industry expert. “All signs suggest that organisatio


The biggest best sellers - a comparison

What have condoms got to do with Coke? Melinda Gates of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation made a case a few years back that humanitarian agencies could use the Coca-Cola global logistics model to distribute medicines and sanitation (condoms included) to remote areas that need health care acce


Always misplacing keys, wallet? New apps may help

Finding misplaced keys, wallets and purses could get easier with new apps that take the guess work out of trying to remember where they might be. Tile, an app for iPhones, can track wallets, cars and even pets with small battery-powered plastic tags that show where the lost item


A nation in peril - Iraq's struggle to hold together

Salman Khaled has already lived through Baghdad's sectarian disintegration; with Iraq now splintering into Shi'ite, Sunni Arab and Kurdish regions, he says this time the survival of the country is at stake. "Things are really tense and it could get worse," said


Time to be afraid - preparing for big solar storm

The probability of a solar storm striking Earth in the next decade with enough force to do serious damage to electricity networks could be as high as 12 per cent, according to solar scientists. One such storm erupted from the surface of the Sun two years ago, on July 23, 2012. If


Sisi's bold start on reforms buys Egypt some time

Egypt's new president Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has made a head start on tackling the country's economic problems, managing to introduce long-awaited subsidy reform without stirring popular unrest. Sisi's government, formed in June, announced this month it was raising pric


Saudi opens the door to major inflows to market

Saudi Arabia’s decision to open up its stock market to foreign financial institutions (FIIs) in the first half of next year is a long-awaited step towards its inclusion in the MSCI emerging markets (EM) index, which could mean active net inflows of $13.3 billion to $26.6 billion, says a B


Purge of minorities re-draws Iraq map

A new map is being drawn across the plains of northern Iraq as Sunni militants of the Islamic State purge the rural landscape of religious and ethnic minorities that have co-existed for hundreds of years. More than half a million people have been displaced across Iraq since June,


Rise of Islamic State tests Syrian army strategy

The growing power of the ultra-hardline Islamic State means the Syrian army is now having to confront a group it has until now been reluctant to attack for political reasons.   The emergence of the Al Qaeda offshoot, formerl


Saudi Arabia accelerates reform push with market opening

Saudi Arabia's decision to open its stock market to foreign investors is part of an accelerating series of economic reforms that may culminate in the most far-reaching change yet: higher domestic energy prices. In the past four decades, the economy of the world's top oil

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