Sunday 27 May 2018

45pc in Mena victim of financial crime: study

Forty-five per cent of executives in the Mena region had been a victim of at least one form of financial crime during the 12 months preceding a survey by Thomson Reuters as opposed to 47 per cent globally. Extensive third-party networks are evident in Mena, but just 42 per cent o


Online purchases up 43pc during Ramadan

Online purchases, mostly driven by mobile, increase overall by 43.2 per cent during the month of Ramadan, and by 78 per cent at night, according to a recent case study. Facebook users in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) spend extra 57.6 hours using the platform during Rama


Personal flying transport among top tech shifts

The rise of quantum supremacy and testing of flying personal transportation are expected to create growth opportunities in 2018, said a new report  highlighting 10 global shifts powered by technology. Technology is a primary disruptor, from the size and power of leading comp


Electric buses market to see 84pc growth by 2030

The electrification of road transport will move into top gear in the second half of the 2020s, due to tumbling battery costs and larger-scale manufacturing, which will see sales of electric buses going up by 84 per cent in its respective global markets by 2030, said a report. Add


How AI-based machine learning impacts IT security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic of discussion in many industries for a while now, with healthcare, retail and hospitality, to name but a few, starting to speculate on the massive opportunities its development could bring to how their business is run, and how customers interact


Oil prices to peak in mid-2019: BofAML

Brent crude oil prices are expected to trend gradually higher, hitting an average of $80 per barrel (/bbl) by mid-2019 before gradually trending lower to an average of $71/bbl by end-2019, said Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) in a new report. This amounts to approximately


Preventing workplace stress improves productivity

Stress is a recognized endemic for people across the world, but it has now become an overwhelming challenge facing the workforce and is having a crippling effect on health and productivity. As awareness increases amongst employers in the Middle East, Andrés Oppenheim, gene


GCC debt issuance weak Q1 at $12bn: NBK

While the GCC sovereign issuance was quiet in the first quarter (1Q) of the year at $12 billion, still-favourable borrowing costs, high oil prices, and continued foreign investor interest are expected to keep market access relatively easy this year, a report said. Meanwhile, glob


Global business growth increases 3.7pc: study

Globally, manufacturing business growth has increased by 3.7 per cent despite the fact that half of manufacturers admit they have grown under challenging circumstances, said Epicor Software Corporation in a new study. The annual Global Growth Index launched by the global provider


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