Thursday 1 June 2023

What’s wrong with business intelligence solutions?

If you’ve been around the hospitality industry for any length of time, you will have heard the term “business intelligence” tossed around by tech experts and, if you’re like most hoteliers, the term still conjures up some vague idea of a bunch of data in charts and graph


Connected workplace key to productivity and profits

The key to unlocking employee productivity is to cultivate a ‘connected culture’ in which staff find it easy to communicate with one another, according to workplace communication experts at TelephoneSystems.Cloud. According to one study, 71% of those employees who sai


The science of planning for future needs of travellers

As the increase in travel continues to accelerate, understanding our fast-changing world becomes imperative for those working in travel and tourism. With emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, a growing desire to live more sustainably, and ever-shifting personal priorities, ther


AI top disruptive technology impacting industries: Gartner

Artificial intelligence (AI) was the top technology that CEOs believe will significantly impact their industry over the next three years, according to a recent survey of CEOs and senior executives by global and research advisory firm. “Generative AI will profoundly impact b


89pc of Gulf CEOs see a rise in distressed businesses

Some 89% Gulf CEOs expect an increase in businesses experiencing distress in 2023-2024 and see a need for specialist intervention in critical areas including liquidity management, cost reduction, capital efficiency and margin optimisation.   This is as per the f


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