Wednesday 16 January 2019

Juraj Malcho

Eset showcases enterprise security at US event

DUBAI, April 17, 2018

Eset, a global cybersecurity firm, will showcase a new generation of enterprise security products and services, including its new enterprise suite for the first time at the ongoing RSA 2018, a top information security event in the US.

The standouts in the latest suite of enterprise offerings include the all-new Eset Enterprise Inspector, an Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution with features and granularity that surpass anything on the market; and Eset Dynamic Threat Defense, a tool that provides off-premise cloud sandboxing, which leverages machine learning and behaviour-based detection to prevent zero-day attacks.

Eset also says goodbye to Eset Remote Administrator and hello to the all-new Eset Security Management Center, an enterprise-grade server that provides visibility management and reporting across all operating systems.

All of Eset’s enterprise solutions integrate seamlessly into this single pane of glass and allow for visibility into threats like zero-days, APTs and botnets while also making adjustments to policies and configurations of endpoint security products seamless and easy.

“We travelled around the world to talk to enterprise IT security specialists, to hear what their needs were,” said Eset CTO Juraj Malcho.

“What we found is that they needed a single console that allowed for visibility into all stages of threat interception: prediction, prevention, detection and remediation. So that is what we made. And, you won’t find us using the term ‘next-gen’ in any of our messaging or product names, because the reality is, since 2005 we have been doing what people are just now calling ‘next-gen.’ We are focused less on hype and more on R&D, and on building solutions that work.”

Eset’s enterprise solutions are built by cybersecurity experts and backed by machine learning. The use of machine learning to automate decisions and evaluate possible threats is a vital part of Eset’s approach – but it is only as strong as the people who stand behind the system.

Human expertise is paramount in providing the most accurate threat intelligence possible due to threat actors being intelligent opponents. Eset’s endpoint products contain a cloud reputation system that feeds relevant information about the most recent threats and benign files. Eset’s reputation system, Eset LiveGrid, is made up of 110 million sensors worldwide and verified by research & development centers, which allows customers to have the highest level of confidence when viewing information and reports within their console.  

The enterprise-ready products and services being debuted at RSA 2018 include the following:


•    Eset Security Management Center
•    Eset Enterprise Inspector
•    Eset Dynamic Threat Defense


•    Eset Threat Monitoring
•    Eset Threat Hunting
•    Eset Threat Intelligence (re-release)

“I think many people don’t know that Eset has some of the most iconic enterprise companies in the world as customers,” concluded Malcho. “Now, more enterprises will be able to leverage Eset to respond and react to the increasing volume and sophistication of cyberattacks.” – TradeArabia News Service

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