Wednesday 28 October 2020

Dr Sudheer Salavudeenkutty

Doctors at Aster remove rare pregnancy breast tumour

DUBAI, September 2, 2020

Doctors at the Aster Hospital, Qusais, have successfully removed a Lactational Adenoma (pregnancy breast tumour) weighing 1.2 kgs from a 25-year-old patient. 
The tumour with dimensions of 20x15x7cms was one of the largest to be presented.
Characteristically, a Lactating Adenoma is a benign stromal tumour that occurs only in pregnant women. It is a solid mass which commonly ranges between 1 to 4 cms, oval or macro lobulated in shape, with well-defined margins parallel to the chest wall.
The patient was presented at Aster Hospital, Qusais, at the time of her delivery when a swelling in her right breast was identified by Dr Maryam Khodamoradi, Specialist, Obstetrics & Gynaecology who further referred her to Dr Sudheer Salavudeenkutty, Specialist, General Surgery both practicing at Aster Hospital, Qusais. 
On conducting further tests, she was diagnosed with the tumour and was kept under observation for a month to track any regression in the size of the mass or reduction in pain. However, as her condition did not improve, a surgery was performed to remove the mass. The surgery was successful and the patient was discharged, on the second day, post-surgery. 
The recovery process began well – gradually the drain and staples were removed and the operated area healed without any infection.
“When she came to our hospital for the delivery of her child, our doctors noticed a swelling in her right breast. The team worked quickly and was able to diagnose that it was a tumour. In about a month’s time, all tests were conducted, necessary steps were taken and the patient was treated successfully without any complications. The patient has now completely recovered and is enjoying motherhood,” stated Dr Ramanathan Venkiteswaran, Medical Director of Medcare and Aster Hospitals and Clinics and Access clinics.
Most lactating adenomas reported are less than 3 cms in diameter, with two largest reported to be 25 cm and 16 cm in diameter. However, this case, at Aster Hospital, is one of the few to be diagnosed with a large lactating adenoma of such massive weight and dimensions.
Dr Sherbaz Bichu, CEO – Aster Hospitals & Clinics, UAE, added: “At our hospitals, every case is a collaborative team effort. This particular type of tumour is one of the largest to be treated and we are proud that we could successfully treat the patient without any complications. Dr Sudheer and his team along with the obstetrics & gynecology, radiology and pathology department have worked hard to help the patient get rid of her pain and be able to enjoy her life as a new mother.”
Lactating adenomas are usually slow-growing tumours most commonly found during pregnancy and lactation. Rare cases of giant lactating adenomas with rapid postpartum enlargement, managed by postpartum excision have been reported earlier. However, large lactating adenomas, with rapid antepartum enlargement, managed by excision, in the third trimester of pregnancy, have been rarely reported before.-- Tradearabia News Service


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