Friday 31 October 2014

Blood washing away lines in Middle East's sand

Last week British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond said the struggle against Islamic State was “effectively Iraq’s last chance as nation state.” That somber assessment followed his visit to Iraq a few days earlier, where he had used the expression “last c


Fixing ‘Ebolanomics’ in pursuit of vaccines and drugs

As researchers from Africa to China to America race to develop vaccines and treatments to fight Ebola, health experts are grappling with the economics of a disease that until this year had been off the drug industry's radar. Whether or not effective drugs come in time to turn


Exporters fail on pledge to curb bribery: watchdog

Big exporting nations are breaking their pledge to fight corruption in global trade, with more than half of the countries that have signed an anti-bribery convention failing to implement it, a report by Transparency International (TI) showed on Thursday. The Berlin-based anti-cor


Egypt's Juhayna set for recovery after ‘difficult year’

Juhayna, Egypt's largest producer of packaged juice and dairy products, expects its profits to recover next year after an increase in the cost of raw materials squeezed margins this year, its chairman said. Safwan Thabet said in an interview for the Reuters Middle East Invest

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