Friday 19 September 2014

Mena reinsurance markets stay on growth track

Growing insurance premiums and a relatively low exposure to natural perils are the main attractions which are driving the unabated growth of Mena reinsurance markets, a report said. Fierce competition, intense pricing pressure and higher risk retentions by ceding companies weigh


Conventional banks' sukuk to push limits of Islamic finance

Islamic bond programmes from a trio of big conventional banks are set to expand the boundaries of Islamic finance, helping open the market to first-time issuers while testing the banks' ability to win over industry purists. Since June, France's Societe Generale, Bank of T


Wearables – consumer fad or business innovation?

Are wearable technologies a consumer fad or a business phenomenon? Thanks to the buzz around Google Glass, the Pebble smartwatch and various fitness tracking devices, consumers have become more aware of the burgeoning technology, with some incorporating wearables into their daily lives.


Obama picking his targets, while missing the point

For the 20 years between 1991 and 2011 - the interval between Operation Desert Storm and the final withdrawal of U.S. forces after a lengthy occupation of Iraq - Washington policymakers, Republican and Democratic, relied on various forms of coercion to align Iraq with American expectations of h


Islamic State's Twitter silence raises questions

Islamic State's Twitter users, which have trumpeted the group's violent acts and worldview on the social media service, have gone abruptly quiet in past days. Several accounts affiliated with the militant group appear to have gone dormant, according to US government sourc


Gaza faces huge challenges to rebuild after war

Fifty days of war in one of the most densely-populated parts of the world have left swathes of Gaza in ruins. With the economy reeling under an Israeli-Egyptian blockade, the enclave now faces an almost impossible task of rebuilding. To do it, Gaza will have to find billions of f


For Assad, US plan will weaken one foe but bolster others

By striking Islamic State in Syria, the United States would be weakening one of President Bashar Al-Assad's major enemies. But the new US strategy may still unnerve Assad by helping other opponents determined to overthrow him. The US strategy for tackling Islamic State in Syr

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