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The Binance panel

Earn, savings and spot most loved features in the Middle East

DUBAI, March 23, 2023

Earn, savings and spot most loved features in the Middle East
Binance, the global blockchain ecosystem behind the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, revealed the most loved features in the Middle East  -- earn, savings and spot.
Hosting the first-ever virtual super meet-up in the Mena region with the Global CEO, Changpeng Zhao, Binance said the three features allow users to trade and save crypto, where with earn one can deposit and earn daily rewards either for flexible-term or locked-terms. Spot trading offers a simple way to invest and trade, which users enjoy. 
The session also hosted other speakers from Binance’s Leadership team including Richard Teng, Regional Head of Europe and Mena, Gleb Kostarev, Regional Head of Asia, and Mayur Kamat, Head of Product. 
New innovations
During the session, it was announced that Binance is always introducing new innovations and features to the Binance ecosystem. This means that people can expect to see a variety of upcoming features soon. Mayur Kamat, Head of Product said: “The first quarter of the year was a busy one for Binance with hundreds of small tweaks and introductions of new features launched. We've introduced features like Binance Tax and User Feedback Tool, along with small improvements that make day-to-day use easier for users. These tools give people a new way to suggest new features that we should continue building for our community.”
As part of the product discussion at the super-meet-up, Kamat introduced ‘strategy trading’ as coming soon to the Mena region. Additionally, he reminded people that Binance has launched a new tool for users to share their feedback. Binance has received hundreds of feedback pieces since the launch. The next phase of this project has just been released which sees product managers leaving replies to the feedback they’ve been given on the platform. 
Among the products that have been particularly popular on through the region is Binance Pay, which has seen a 2-4 times growth since it launched. Binance Pay recently upgraded the Send Cash function where you can now easily access Binance P2P via Binance Pay's Send Cash function to trade digital assets with other counterparties and receive cash in your bank account or e-wallet. 
Funding Wallet
Using the balance in one’s Spot or Funding Wallet, one can now directly send cash to one’s family and friends. The Send Cash function on Binance Pay lets you use crypto to send fiat currency to your recipient via bank or e-wallet transfer. Using one’s crypto assets, one can now send cash directly to friends and family. The new Send Cash function on Binance Pay lets one send from one’s crypto balance and the recipient will receive fiat currency in their bank account.
Giving back through charity and community support are commitments that resonate greatly with Binance’s values. From March 22 to April 4, Binance is running different activities, rewards, and community initiatives every day for 14 days. On one of those days, Binance will ask its users across the globe to donate crypto to those in need via one of their Binance Charity initiatives. In keeping with the spirit of giving, there will be a total of more than $500,000 in rewards to be shared by their community. This Ramadan is dedicated to #ExchangeWithKindness.-- TradeArabia News Service


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