Innovative laundry service 'a big success'

An innovative laundry service, launched just four months back in Dubai, has proved to be a major success already.
Convinced that there had to be a more practical way of dealing with a routine chore like laundry in the 21st Century, Laundrybox was founded to create a one-of-a-kind service.

By installing their proprietary locker systems and software in residential towers and having a round-the-clock laundry facility, Laundrybox gives tenants the ability to do their laundry anytime they want, the way they want without the hassle of calling someone, waiting on anyone or having to beat traffic to get to the dry cleaners in time, said a statement.
The service is quick and easy to use. Customers simply create an account and set their preferences online. They will then be able to access the lockers 24/7 to drop off their laundry. Once the dirty clothes are safe in the locker, Laundrybox collects the laundry and returns them crisp and clean the following day by either a locker delivery or home delivery.

Payments can be made by cash or credit / debit card online or at the lockers.

Since its launch four months ago, Laundrybox has been very successful in proving that the concept works, it said.  

“People have been very receptive to the convenience and the quality of service enabled by our lockers and professional staff so our adoption rates have exceeded expectations,” said founder and CEO Bader Al Kalooti.

“After our first five buildings at the Burj Residences we have now expanded to new locations such as the DIFC, and Southridge, with more locations in the pipeline,” he said.

“It’s a win win for everyone, not just for the customers but also for the owners of the buildings as they get to monetise idle wall space within their property and use the money to enhance the community while at the same time they are providing a convenient service to their tenants,” said Al Kalooti.

Al Kalooti, an MBA from the University of Central Florida, worked with an international investment bank in Dubai before moving into the world for entrepreneurship and launching Laundrybox.

The company has successfully raised Dh10 million in funding from a consortium of investors led by Zarooni Emirates Investments (ZEI Investments) in order to develop the technology and infrastructure as well as funding the expansion to new locations while increasing the type of services that can be offered through their locker systems.

“We have effectively created a new distribution mechanism that enables consumers to transact with businesses from the convenience of their home without the need for human interaction or the hassle of time coordination. So for today it’s laundry, but for tomorrow we are currently developing our technology so that tenants will be able to enjoy a host of other convenient services,” said Al Kalooti. – TradeArabia News Service