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Bahrain Steel receives ‘Ubuntu Unity’ with DR pellet feed

Bahrain Steel, a leading producer and global supplier of high-grade iron ore pellets, announced the arrival of the vessel, MV Ubuntu Unity, owned by Anglo American. This marks a milestone for Bahrain Steel, as it is the largest vessel to call on the company since its inception in 1984. 
The Ubuntu Unity is a state-of-the-art Capesize+ Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) vessel, which stands out for its exceptional fuel efficiency, resulting in a remarkable 35% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to vessels using standard maritime fuel. 
The name of the fleet was taken from the Zulu word “Ubuntu”, which means “I am because you are” – signifying the sense of community that Anglo American seeks to build with those who work with them, and wherever they operate.
Commitment to decarbonisation
This shipment highlights Bahrain Steel’s commitment to decarbonisation and its strategic partnership with Anglo American. Additionally, the shipment also witnessed the issuance of an electronic bill of lading (eBL), which signifies a move towards a more efficient, secure, and sustainable alternative to the traditional and complex paper-based process. 
In line with Bahrain Steel’s commitment to decarbonisation, the arrival of the largest vessel with DR pellet feed marks a momentous step towards sustainable iron ore feed sourcing. 
Dilip George, Group CEO at Bahrain Steel, said: “Using the LNG fuelled, larger sized vessel for iron ore imports, together with electronic bill of lading and e-presentation of documents, not only enhances our supply chain efficiency, but also aligns with our commitment to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. 
“Our collaboration with Anglo American on environmentally responsible practices, is a testament to our joint commitment to drive the industry towards a more sustainable future.”
Key customer
Matt Walker, CEO of Anglo American’s Marketing business, said: “Bahrain Steel is one of Anglo American’s key customers, with whom we enjoy a longstanding partnership for the supply of our high-quality DR pellet feed. In addition, we also toll two million tonnes of pellets with them. By using our dual-fuelled LNG vessel, the Ubuntu Unity, to transport iron ore cargo for Bahrain Steel, coupled with transacting with electronic bills of lading, we demonstrate our commitment to collaborate in advancing both our companies’ sustainability efforts. 
“We have outlined our ambition to reduce our Scope 3 emissions by 50% by 2040 (against a 2020 baseline) in our Sustainable Mining Plan, something that can only be done via working closely together with like-minded industry partners. I am also delighted that Anglo American has achieved this milestone of having the largest vessel call on Bahrain Steel since their inception in 1984.”--TradeArabia News Service