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SEC completes $163m power projects in Makkah, Madinah

Saudi Electricity Company has announced that it has implemented major projects worth SAR611 million ($163 million) covering Makkah, Madinah and other holy sites this Hajj season in a bid to provide a stable electricity supply for the pilgrims as well as its residents.
One of the main projects is linked to the automation of the distribution networks at the holy sites by linking smart stations to the fiber-optic network. This project, which costs SAR200 million, involves extensive groundwork and concrete closures, covering distances of 335 km and 312 km, respectively. 
As part of the project, over 2,400 stations have been connected to the fiber-optic network, thus boosting the efficiency and sustainability of the electrical network in densely populated areas, and reducing emergency response times to fractions of a second. 
This ensures a seamless experience for pilgrims, stakeholders, and all other beneficiaries, it stated.
Another important project involves expanding the electrical networks, improving existing stations, and integrating mobile stations into the current network. 
Furthermore, a gantry station was launched last month which connects the aerial transport network with the ground network and aims to connect the 380 kV mobile station to the network. 
The goal is to enhance the stability of the electrical network and ensure efficient energy delivery to key areas at the holy sites.
SEC has also connected 110 kV mobile stations with an investment of SAR60 million. Operational since May 31, 2024, this project covers a network exceeding 4 km, with a total station capacity of 147 MVA, improving power distribution and meeting the increased demand during Hajj, thus preventing outages that could affect the comfort and safety of pilgrims.
According to SEC, further investments include projects, worth over SAR166 million, for subscriber connections in the central area of Makkah and the nearby sites. 
Projects to enhance medium- and low-voltage networks cost more than SAR36 million, while network replacement and the automation of distribution stations in these areas cost SAR46 million, it stated. 
Additionally, a project to connect subscribers in pilgrim housing areas has been implemented, along with several specialized distribution projects to improve electricity distribution, ensuring a stable and reliable service for pilgrims.
Under thsi project, SEC has set up 22 launch centres in Arafat, at a total cost of over SAR25 million. Six launch centers in Mina and Muzdalifah have also been established, costing more than SAR9 million. These centres ensure prompt and efficient response from technical teams to address any issues that may arise. 
Additionally, a building has been constructed on a plot adjacent to the operations and control centre, at a cost of over SAR18 million along with eight other buildings for stationed staff accommodation at transformer stations.
In Madinah, projects include those for enhancing medium-voltage networks in the central area. The scope of work includes extention of over 22 km and include three stations. 
Low-voltage network improvements, costing SAR21 million, have added 35 km of new networks with a total capacity of 56 MVA across 20 stations. These projects will strengthen the electrical infrastructure and provide reliable service for residents and visitors in Madinah.
"These initiatives are part of SEC's ongoing national efforts to develop and improve electrical infrastructure at the holy sites, which experience high density during the Hajj season. The goal is to provide sustainable and efficient electrical services to ensure the comfort and safety of pilgrims and visitors while enriching their overall experience," he added.-TradeArabia News Service