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HSSG Foundation secures piling contract for Mukaab project

Saudi-based New Murabba Development Company, a PIF company, has awarded HSSG Foundation Contracting the piling works contract for its ambitious project Mukaab, which on completion, will be one of the largest built structures in the world.
A key player in the region, HSSG Foundation Contracting specialises in providing technically advanced foundation solutions. 
Announcing the contract award, New Murabba Development Company said this marks a pivotal step in the development of the Mukaab, which is set to become the centerpiece of the New Murabba, Riyadh’s transformative downtown destination. 
Once completed, the Mukaab will be one of the largest built structures in the world (measuring 400 meters in height, width, and length), said the company in a statement.
The contract was sealed by New Murabba Development Company CEO Michael Dyke and HSSG Foundation Contracting senior official Ali Korhan thus bringing together two leading organisations in a historic commitment, it added. 
"The partnership underscores HSSG Foundation Contracting's experience and strong reputation and will leverage its extensive expertise in complex foundation engineering for the successful realization of the Mukaab project," said a company spokesman.
The contract awarded to HSSG Foundation Contracting, and other partnerships which to date have been established, represent a significant leap forward in the realisation of the vision for the Mukaab, and the creation of the largest modern downtown in the world, in line with Saudi Vision 2030. 
New Murabba Development Company said piling, as an initial phase of construction, is fundamental to the structural integrity and longevity of any major development. 
For the Mukaab, this will mean establishing a strong base that will support its innovative architectural vision and ambitious scale, it stated. 
By securing this contract, New Murabba Development Company has reaffirmed its commitment to laying a resilient groundwork that will uphold the future vibrancy and dynamism of Riyadh’s new downtown, said the spokesman.
As development continues for New Murabba, and the iconic Mukaab, the Saudi developer and its partners, are laying the foundations for a lasting legacy – a vibrant, dynamic, downtown that will captivate the world and start a new chapter for Saudi Arabia’s bright future, he added.-TradeArabia News Service