Friday 28 April 2017

Aramco IPO to boost transparency and efficiency

The increased transparency of Saudi Aramco after the public offer will attract higher foreign capital and further boost market confidence in Saudi Arabia, says a new report. The report by Al Rajhi Capital, a leading financial services provider in the kingdom, looks at Saudi Aramc


AI ‘will help retail bolster customer rapport’

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications include chat bots, marketing, and supply chain optimization and will help strengthen customer relationships, says a new report by growth partnership firm Frost & Sullivan. Exponential progress in artificial intelligence (AI) and machi


Where would we be today without wi-fi?

Where would we be today without wi-fi? No more hotspots. No cool internet cafés. Our ‘mobile’ devices would be far less mobile. Or what would life be like without the microwave? TV dinners would never be the same. What many of us don’t know, however, is that these two t


Saudi reforms to continue: report

The introduction of excise taxes in Saudi Arabia is likely to bring in annual revenues of SR8-10 billion ($2.1-2.7 billion; 0.35 per cent of GDP), according to government estimates, said a report. While the 2.5 per cent real estate white land tax kicked in late March, proceeds of


Saudi reversal of allowance positive for economy

Saudi Arabia’s decision to reverse allowance cut is likely to boost overall consumption in the economy, as higher disposable income will benefit core consumption sectors i.e. retail and food sectors, a report said. Notably these were the sectors which saw the steepest fall


Cloud 'is a great enabler and equaliser'

‘Cloud’ is steadily and surely in the horizon of every business across the world. Cloud services are being increasingly used by companies big and small to reduce IT costs and to better efficiency. For startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) cloud is not just an option, but


Saudi diversification from oil ‘likely to take time’

Saudi Arabia’s initiatives to move from heavy dependence on the hydrocarbon sector will take time as long-term projects will face challenges such as the transfer of public sector jobs to the private sector, said an industry expert. Saudi Arabia’s weakness is its dependence


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