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Thousands of holidaymakers suffer as chaos hits UK airports

Thousands of holidaymakers have been affected by the cancellation of flights at London's Heathrow Airport due to technical issues affecting baggage, said media reports.
According to aviation experts, the staff shortages are plaguing air traffic control, baggage handling and security and, despite having many months to recruit new workers, airport and airline bosses have failed to do so.
Added to this was the warning from Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary that passengers must endure chaotic conditions at UK airports throughout the summer.
Passengers hoping that long delays and flight cancellations will be over by July and August should brace themselves for a "less than satisfactory experience," he added. 
Critics blamed the industry for sacking too many workers during the Covid lockdowns.
According to media reports, around 5,000 passengers have been hit by the cancellation of 30 flights at London's Heathrow Airport due to technical issues affecting baggage.
The chaos continues after images of a sea of luggage piled-up at the airport went viral on social media last Friday.
Catastrophic scenes were captured inside London’s Heathrow Airport, the world’s busiest international airport where thousands of travellers unwittingly departed without their belongings.
Video taken inside London’s Heathrow Airport showing a huge holding area piled high with hundreds, if not thousands, of suitcases .
A man named Michael Kelly shared the clip to Twitter after the airport reportedly suffered the serious “technical issue” with its baggage system on Friday.
It comes on the first of three days of nationwide rail strikes which are expected to result in travel chaos in much of Britain.
The National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) is leading the mass walkout of around 50,000 workers from 13 different operators. It is the biggest such action since 1989, reported Express.
Last-ditch talks on Monday failed to resolve the bitter dispute over pay, jobs and conditions, with all sides blaming each other for the lack of progress.
The strikes are taking place today, as well as on Thursday and Saturday, paralysing British Rail, as well as airports and roads.