Lenovo Legion brings speed and smarter features

The mobile gaming scene is heating up with a bigger selection of titles and 5G enabling super-fast speeds in more places for all-out gaming adrenaline. 
If one’s smartphone isn’t packed with enough power for modern mobile gaming, one deserves a better handheld Android gaming experience -- Lenovo Legion.
Three years after the launch of its gaming sub-brand, Lenovo introduces the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel—the powerful, immersive and fast-charging smartphone with sub-6 5G1 for better coverage and tested speeds up to 2.52 Gb/s. 
It’s created specifically for on-the-go gamers passionate about high performance and who prefer the comfort and convenience of playing entirely in horizontal mode. Pick the right viewing experience for everyone, even while emailing or chatting. 
With six specially customised layout themes to choose from, each with distinctive design details, colors, and icons that resonate with gamers, one can stay in gaming-centric landscape mode or switch to portrait mode. Plus, home mode allows one to cast to or play on a connected external monitor/TV while using either a wireless keyboard and mouse, or one'sr preferred wired accessories via a dock.2
Designed from the ground up for gamers, the Lenovo Legion Phone Duel plays like a mobile gaming console with impressive virtual tools, gaming capabilities, and an optimised battery lasting up to a full day of average phone usage.
To set the full functionality, ergonomic feel and pocket portability of a smartphone without the chunky function controls, its virtual joystick and dual ultrasonic trigger buttons are embedded, and dual vibration engines provide life-like feedback for deeper gameplay immersion.
Lenovo is amongst the first to feature the next-level, flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G Mobile Platform that delivers revved-up performance across the board for incredibly-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon Elite Gaming, plus global 5G support.
Designed for blur-free animations via a 6.65-inch Full HD (2340 x 1080) AMOLED glass touchscreen display with 144Hz refresh rate for videos and gaming images so colourful and sharp, one will experience one’s favourite mobile games in a new light. 
High capacity 5000mAh battery life thanks to dual 2500mAh batteries placed in gamer’s grip areas on either side of the central logic board.
Gaming on a smartphone can be very resource intensive. With this in mind, the Lenovo Legion mobile gaming engineers and designers worked with the gaming community to prioritise their most valued product attributes. Turns out, many mobile gamers agree with PC players on the must-have features, such as, balanced performance, reliable stamina, and immersive features that get one'sr heart racing. 
The trick with packing as much performance and power as one can into a smartphone that fits in the palm of one’s hand, is that those internals are going to heat up. The question was how to keep everything cooler for the gamer. 
Having already met the challenge of employing smarter thermals, incredible performance and more in the lineup of high-powered Lenovo Legion PCs earlier this year, the Lenovo Legion team was well positioned to deliver on mobile and PC gamers’ shared needs. 
By inventing advanced methods to better dissipate heat with dual liquid-cooling and copper tubes, plus moving the dual 2500mAh batteries off to the sides where gamers’ hands would rest (vs. forcing them to touch the warm logic board encasing the processor), Lenovo made the handset easier to hold while also extending gameplay without the fear of overheating.
Designed to offer gamers better grip, the phone feels solid at 239 grams (8.43 ounces) and is 9.9 mm (0.38 in) at its thickest point. 
Just one use of the mobile broadcasting features will have YouTube and Twitch channel streamers ditching their cumbersome home recording studios for good. 
Four noise-cancelling microphones record audio from all around to allow live streamers to easily record themselves at eSports events and other busy environments.
With the phone’s customised software dashboard called Lenovo Legion Realm, wherever gamers are, they can tweak hardware performance settings, scroll through the latest downloadable titles in Google Play, and select the enabled network that gives one the best quality and/or least traffic in that moment, i.e. WLAN, 5G1, or Wi-Fi 66, to help reduce video and in-game latency.
One can capture general HD 1080p footage and record in 4K at up to 30 FPS7 (frames per second) for remarkable clarity with a high-powered 20MP front camera that stays tucked inside bezel when not live streaming for a clean look, also features auto-retract drop protection. Plus, a high resolution 64MP rear camera for 64MP resolution photos, which also has a quad pixel sensor for shooting high-quality, 16MP resolution photos in dark and bright conditions. -- Tradearabia News Service