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Saudi Arabia holds first global demo of AFC system for WiFi 6E

Saudi Arabia's Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has performed the first global live demo of an end-to-end Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) system to enable WiFi 6E technology, which aims to enable outdoor WiFi 6E usage, in collaboration with HPE and Federated Wireless. 
This trial is a continuation of Saudi Arabia’s global leadership as the country with the largest amount of license-exempt spectrum globally and the first country in Europe, Middle East and Africa to make the entire 6 GHz band license-exempt, said a Saudi Press Agency report.
The demo is an important milestone for adopting the data-driven of spectrum smart management in Saudi Arabia as well as expanding the capabilities of WiFi 6E to enable the full realisation of the potential of WiFi technologies while protecting existing users in the band, in addition to expanding collaboration between the commission and its global partners.
The commission also seeks to adopt the latest spectrum management systems and technologies to further enhance the quality of wireless services such as public WiFi and enable the widespread adoption of WiFi 6E across Saudi Arabia.
These efforts are also a continuation of CITC’s global leadership in wireless technologies and WiFi 6E, in line with its mandate to support the digital transformation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as its digital regulator.