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ITC completes smart transport infrastructure in Al Ain

The Integrated Transport Centre (ITC) of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT) in Abu Dhabi has completed the supply, installation and operations of intelligent transport systems in Al Ain City.
The project is part of the efforts to utilise modern technologies to develop the transport infrastructure and make it a smart network that is integrated and sustainable, offering high-quality services to the public besides supporting local development and improving the quality of life in Abu Dhabi.
The project included establishing a ground extension infrastructure and building a 157-km-long fibre optic network and a 95-km ground duct covering all the junctions and vital roads in Al Ain. 
The project also updated and developed the centralised traffic signal management network by putting into operation a centralised adaptive system and servers with high-storage capacity and high-speed data processing and connecting it to all the existing 81 junctions. 
In addition to linking 25 new traffic signalised intersections that are being constructed, around 1,400 vehicle detection sensors that are able to identify traffic intensity were installed to enable the centralised traffic management to efficiently and accurately manage traffic round the clock.
A number of smart projects were also put into effect like setting up CCTV to monitor most of the junctions and main roads in Al Ain City and 87 cameras were linked to screens in the Traffic Management Centre to facilitate monitoring the traffic.
Additionally, 14 Variable Message Signs (VMS) were installed to post notifications for drivers and road users about traffic congestion, accidents or adverse weather conditions. Also, five electronic traffic count stations for traffic studies were established along with linking 14 monitoring stations to enhance the safety of the public and maintain the bridges and tunnels in the city.
ITC stated that utilising innovative technologies to monitor traffic in Al Ain City will improve the efficiency of the traffic system and enhance road safety. This project will reduce traffic congestion as it has connected the traffic system with the new Traffic Management Centre in Al Ain where a team of specialists monitors the traffic flow and ensures its smoothness round the clock.
The ITC added that road safety is enhanced by organising the traffic signals and notifying the drivers in case of an emergency.
The project, through its infrastructure, facilitates transport in Al Ain City and contributes to the efforts dedicated to transform the cities in Abu Dhabi to smart cities by offering a variety of smart services in different fields, specially within the transport sector. -- Tradearabia News Service