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Geze unveils new building automation product

Geze, a leading developer of construction systems for doors, windows and safety technology with its headquarters in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, unveiled its new building automation product, Geze Cockpit, at ZAK World of Facades Cairo, Egypt.

Zak World of Façades is an international conference series on the subject of façade design and engineering. In its 59th global edition and the first edition in Egypt, the event discussed the latest innovations and challenges in the construction industry pertaining to the building envelope and showcased the latest technological solutions.

Geze was a major sponsor of the Cairo event which drew more than 300 delegates including architects, designers, consultants, façade builders, contractors, authorities, façade engineering experts and global building material brands’ representatives.

A key highlight at the event was “Smart Facades Made By Geze” wherein the German firm focused on its history, leadership in building automation, smart systems and also the project references in Egypt.

"Egypt and North Africa are expected to register substantial developments at the global level which were recorded in the present year 2019 and a similar powerful speed is projected going forward in the next five years taking into account the magnitude of regional governments’ investments in infrastructure," remarked Charles Constantin, the managing director of Geze Middle East.  

"We foresee Egypt in a leading role within the construction arena notably till 2025. Furthermore, we anticipate the country to occupy the largest economic growth in the Arab world alongside Saudi Arabia, particularly in the construction mass," he added.

On the new product, Constantin said the Geze Cockpit building automation system is smart, secure and boasts efficient control of building technology.

"A unique complete solution is a multifunctional, centrally controlled swing door system with an automated and a manual door leaf. With the ‘robust’, award-winning Powerturn drive and tried-and-trusted Geze door closer technology, the door system combines accessible door control, emergency exit protection, fire protection, increased burglar resistance, complete protection when passing the door and remote monitoring," he explained.

The universal drive design across both door leaves is a visual highlight, he added.

According to him, Geze smart building solutions aim to provide automated and networked building infrastructure solutions to make modern buildings more comfortable, secure and ultimately reduce energy consumption.

"With a lot of research going into developing this, we are confident that Geze’s smart solutions for doors and window automation and a future of facades will be well received in the region," he added.-TradeArabia News Service