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Samsung launches Anti-Counterfeit Programme

Samsung Gulf Electronics has announced the launch of the Anti-Counterfeit Programme (ACP) in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman as part of the organisation’s broader ESG initiatives. 
Customers can now upload photos of suspected counterfeit unit and receive a swift authenticity confirmation from a Samsung brand protection team.
ACP reaffirms the brand’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility against the risk of low-quality counterfeit products. These increase possible cause for serious injuries to the consumer and add pressure on the environment with the significant growth of e-waste, and more.
Raising awareness
“World Intellectual Property Day offers a chance to truly raise awareness on the dangers and potential risks of counterfeit products and activities. Counterfeit affects virtually every country in the world and fuels illegal activities. In addition to that, fake goods are produced in very low quality which shortens the life span of the items. I am delighted to be part of such an ambitious program and service offering at Samsung, and now announce ACP next to the Product Verification Service for all consumers wishing to take part in meaningful and impactful acts at the benefit of social and environmental concerns,” said Kiran Tewari, Director of Customer Service, Samsung Gulf Electronics. 
On World Intellectual Property Day, Samsung is once again contributing to raising awareness of how copyrights and trademarks may impact the daily life of consumers. The brand developed an awareness video about the risk of counterfeit products on consumer safety and introduced its newly launched “Product Verification Service” under ACP. 
Samsung is working hard to combat the brand’s counterfeit products as part of its social responsibility to protect the consumers from their hazardous risks as well as the environment, incentivising recycling processes for the counterfeit items.-- TradeArabia News Service