Education, HR & Training launches virtual job fair features, a global provider of AI-powered recruitment solutions, has released new virtual job fair (vFairs) features to increase businesses’ efficiency and allow them to communicate with job seekers in a more engaging and cost effective way.

Styled to look like a real job fair, vFairs presents advanced virtual environment, using chat rooms, teleconferencing, webcasts and webinars, and other digital tools that allow jobseekers to interact with potential employers and exchange vital job-related information. This year, vFairs introduced several new features including live chat, virtual lobbies and spaces and tools to schedule interview to streamline global recruitment.
“To keep up with the times, both jobseekers and businesses need to stay aware of the latest and most effective hiring practices. Virtual events through vFairs, which connects the region’s talented workers with employers looking to hire in a seamless virtual environment, are a critical part of our efforts to build a stronger, more innovative workforce,” said Akram Assaf, chief technology officer at

“We strongly encourage both employers and jobseekers to take advantage of’s advanced technologies to expand their staffing and job seeking strategies. Our hope is that employers will find the talent they are looking for in the most cost effective way, and that talent will find their dream jobs from the comfort of their homes.”

Employers from each participating business can be online to accept CVs and applications and speak with potential candidates. Jobseekers can search for available jobs and submit their application, while interacting with employers through virtual ‘booths’. If they think there might be a match, the two can chat privately in a realistic 3D environment that resembles an exhibition hall.

vFairs has launched a range of customized designs and animations to adapt to employers’ regions, cultures, and personalized preferences to provide an even richer, visually compelling experience to attract a larger audience.  

Jobseekers also have the option to interact confidentially with employers, with access to HR career consultants to provide career-based information to help them make an informed decision. While Job seekers can request for a live chat/interview from employers within provided time slots, companies looking to hire can view the list of users and ask to meet a job seeker during the event. This feature allows effective targeting, an increase in engagement, and as a result, improved hiring outcomes.’s  vFairs technologies are helping thousands of companies save on the costs of transportation and displays at on-site events, a statement said, adding that likewise, job seekers can participate from the convenience of their device, without having to travel to crowded halls or wait in long lines to meet recruiters. – TradeArabia News Service