Sunday 26 June 2022

Harman Singh Narula

Canary Technologies partners with BizGate

DUBAI, May 15, 2022

Canary Technologies, which is modernising the hotel tech stack with the first mobile web end-to-end Guest Management System and its award-winning Digital Authorizations solutions, has partnered with  prominent hotel consulting firm, BizGate, to expand its presence in the region and provide innovative technologies to hotels and resorts throughout the Middle East.
Properties in the Middle East already leveraging Canary’s technology solutions include Rosewood Jeddah Hotel, Rosewood Hotel Abu Dhabi and Four Seasons Doha, and numerous others; however, this latest step by Canary represents a new commitment to growth in the region.
“Canary’s solutions are tailor-made to provide a more streamlined and enjoyable guest experience at all kinds of properties,” said Canary Co-founder Harman Singh Narula. “Given the Middle East’s reputation for outstanding service in the hospitality industry, it was paramount for us to invest more deeply in the region. BizGate is the ideal partner to help us build out our presence in this strategic region given their ties to key players in the industry. We’re very much looking forward to seeing Canary solutions offering state of art technology experiences to guests all over the region.”
“We’re excited to partner with Canary Technologies as their preferred regional provider for Guest Management and Digital Credit Card Authorization solutions,” said BizGate Founder Mohamad Ibrahim Masri. He continued: “We speak with hoteliers regularly who are eager for technology solutions that help improve the guest experience, generate more revenue and streamline hotel operations. Canary’s solutions are poised to exceed the expectations in every one of these areas at hotels and resorts throughout the Middle East.”
Canary offers an array of products that cater to the specific needs of the hotel industry, including:
●  Canary Contactless Check-In & Checkout: Provides hotels with the ability to seamlessly check-in guests without exchanging credit cards, IDs or registration forms. Canary’s solution reduces the time required for check-in and checkout from 10 minutes to less than one minute, without the need to ever visit the front desk.
●  Canary Upsells: Allows hotels to offer upgrades and add-on amenities to guests from the time of booking all the way through checkout — resulting in thousands of dollars in new revenue per week. Hotels using Canary Upsells have seen a 40 percent increase in ancillary revenue.
●  Canary Guest Messages: Enables front desk and concierge teams to easily communicate with hotel guests at scale, saving valuable time through automated, broadcast and direct messages.
●  Canary Digital Authorizations: Canary’s PCI compliant Digital Authorizations solution removes  non-compliant paper credit card authorization forms from a hotel’s third-party booking process. Beyond the inconvenience of dealing with pen and paper, traditional paper authorization forms are not PCI compliant, are insecure, and lead to millions of dollars annually in chargebacks for hotels. In moving the process online, Canary vastly improves the guest experience while significantly reducing risks and costs for hotels.  


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