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Passenger Guide
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Saudi GACA issues passenger guide for safe travel

RIYADH, May 31, 2020

As Saudi Arabia prepares to resume phased domestic flight operations, the kingdom's General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has issued a guide for passengers that includes precautionary measures before, during and after reaching the destination in order to ensure a safe journey, said a report.
According to the GACA’s guide, the person needs to commit to several responsibilities during the flight, and in the event the passenger violates any of the preventive measures, they could face a travel ban, said a report in Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
The passenger needs to be at the airport two hours before the flight departs. Their temperature will be measured at the airport, and their hands need to be sterilised when entering the hall, and they should be wearing a cloth mask or other types of face coverings while entering the airport. 
The rules state that the person would be forbidden to travel if they do not wear a mask. The guidelines also provide for wearing masks and gloves during the flight and during the disembarkation process. The passenger should also disclose his/her medical status during the reservation and notification stage, while stating if they have any symptoms of coronavirus disease, the report said.
The GACA guide specifies that each passenger be allowed to carry only one piece of personal baggage inside the cabin. It also encourages the use of electronic payment methods. The guide also called for maintaining safe distance throughout the travel process, by avoiding converging lines in the boarding stage, inside buses and passenger bridges, and at places where service is provided by standing on the marked areas.
GACA has also provided sterilisers throughout the kingdom's 28 airports, and has mandated that all airport and air crew personnel to undergo medical examination, sterilisation of their hands, and wear masks and gloves at all times, the report said.
Every three hours, GACA has ensured the cleaning of all airports and aircraft used for the flights — after each flight.
Passenger bridges, passenger transport buses and medical cranes will be cleaned with disinfectant before and after the use for each trip. In the plane, all passengers would be required to wear masks and gloves for the duration of the flight, it said.
The application of spacing between passengers inside the plane will be done by allocating vacant seats between passengers.
GACA’s guide also calls for the gradual disembarkation of passengers from the plane, the use of only 50 per cent of the operating capacity of the passenger / bus bridge, with the person needing to wear masks while disembarking.
Disinfection devices will be provided at the first entry point to the hall and all passengers would need to be disinfected through the available devices.
The GACA guide also provides for areas for sanitary isolation of suspected cases. Persons have to follow the guidance stickers that show where each passenger stops while leaving the hall and in the baggage collection area, it said.
All are obliged to stand on the guiding stickers in a waiting area while cleaning luggage carts continuously after each use. The guide also called on persons to get rid of masks and gloves in the trash cans available at the airport, and placing the luggage carts in the disinfection area. 


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