Thursday 9 April 2020

Hempel launches new fire protection coating in Bahrain

MANAMA, February 11, 2020

World leading coatings manufacturer Hempel has officially launched its new generation fire-protection coating - Hempafire Optima 500 - in Bahrain to safeguard civil steel structures.

Hempafire Optima 500 is specifically designed to improve the productivity of passive fire
protection (PFP) coating applications by reducing the number of coats required and the process time required to apply them, said the company in a statement.

The coating is also environmentally compliant as has less than one per cent of volatile organic compounds (VOC) content in accordance with ISO 11890 requirements, it added.

Announcing the launch at a glittering event held in the Westin Le Meridian City Center, Group Product Manager (Cellulosic PFP) Roger Soler said: "When developing Hempafire Optima 500, we created a coating to enhance efficiency for customers by increasing their productivity and reducing costs."

"Thickness build-up of the coating can be achieved in less coats that dry faster. Thus, application costs and time to deliver are reduced. We also wanted a coating that outperforms in warm climates such as those found in the Middle East and in parts of Europe. We’ve managed to achieve this without compromising the protection or the aesthetic finish," stated Soler.

Hempafire Optima 500, a product of Hempel’s R&D Centre of Excellence, helps to maintain the stability of steel structures in large infrastructure buildings such as airports, stadiums and commercial centres by delivering up to 180 minutes protection against cellulosic fires, being optimised for 120 minutes.

The fire protection coating, which can be used for both open or closed steel sections, is fast drying and highly resistant to sagging.

The application which can be delivered in two days as part of Hempel’s PFP system, outperforms in warm conditions and provides two-hour fire protection in ISO 12944 C3 interior environments.

The ease of application allows customers to improve their painting process by reducing the number of coats needed, minimising drying times and maximising the speed of the application. Taken together, these properties save both time and money as projects can be completed faster and with lower total application costs, said senior officials at the event.

Hempafire Optima 500, which is now available in Bahrain, and throughout the Middle East, will soon hit the European market.-TradeArabia News Service


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