Friday 3 December 2021

How can GCC consultants deliver projects on time and within budget?

DUBAI, 22 days ago

Expo 2020 has been a catalyst for development and growth in the UAE, across all sectors. As the country continues to accelerate post Covid-19, the construction and infrastructure industries are set to enter a new phase of transformation in 2022, said an expert.
Buildings, mixed use developments and airports will be the largest contributor to the construction sector in 2022, stated Christopher Nicolas, the Director at Tracey Brunstrom & Hammond (TBH), leading project delivery experts. 
A global specialist in planning and management consultancy based in Australia, TBH offers end-to-end solutions including planning and scheduling, project controls, claims and dispute resolution, project management, risk management, cost management and strategic advisory services.
Amid a huge project pipeline, Nicolas explained ways for the GCC consultants to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.
"Successful construction projects can be completed through a variety of techniques, but the overriding themes include effective pre-planning, ongoing regular oversight, cooperation and anticipating problems before they arise," he explained. 
"This means that issues can be addressed and managed before they impact the project," he stated.
Whilst every project is different, the detail is always in the planning, explained Nicolas. Employing the following measures can help set your project up for critical success:
1) Setting a realistic project timeline from the start – The realistic timeline for a construction project should be driven by the scope and needs of the project. 
2) Regular monitoring and reviews – Ensuring that a close eye is kept on the progress of the construction timeline is vital. From commencement, the project needs to be monitored through regular reporting of progress. 
3) Compliance of the parties’ contractual obligations – It is important from the beginning to ensure that each party is committed to complying with its contractual obligations in a timely manner. The inclusion of key contractual obligations in the project timeline, and the ongoing monitoring of these obligations, is vital in ensuring that any deviations are addressed in a timely manner to avoid exacerbating project delays. 
4) Timely resolution of disputes – The early adoption of a proactive approach to achieving commercial resolution to contractual matters, eases the pressure of protracted disputes among the project participants and allows the project team to focus on delivery.
According to Nicolas, construction projects are always changing, and the constant level of uncertainty can often bring conflict to project teams. 
"Many things are out of anyone’s control, but what is in our control is our ability to plan to deliver. Setting realistic expectations upfront, measuring performance, evaluating measures and acting upon variances is vital in avoiding unnecessary stress and costly claims further down the line," he noted. 
"When it comes to setting up for a successful project; the ticket to winning is all in the planning," he added.-TradeArabia News Service
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