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Sorokin: Educate them on the beauty and fragility
of Mother Earth.

Five top tips to raise an earth-friendly generation

DUBAI, January 21, 2019

By Alana Sorokin

The best earth-friendly practices require the cooperation of everyone. So, how do we get the next generation to reduce, reuse, recycle and embrace the other basics of environmental responsibility?

As with most good habits, the best way to teach them is to be a good role model yourself. By showing that you care about and respect the environment, the next generation will do the same. So whether you are a diehard recycler who shops with canvas bags and keeps a compost bin, or a busy parent looking for some quick ideas, look no further than these five tips to guide the next generation to greener living.


Recycling is important in today’s world if we want to leave this planet for our future generations. Recycling begins at home and we must reduce, reuse and recycle. Recycling is easy, and in some communities, mandatory. Check with your local recycling office and be sure you know all the rules. Kids can sort (and rinse, if necessary) items, place them in the correct bins, and take the containers out to the curb for collection. After the bins have been emptied, ask your kids to rinse them out (if they're dirty) and bring them back into the house or garage.

Get involved in community work

Our beaches are the bridge between our world and the ocean. Beaches are fragile environments and we must be attentive in how we treat these stretches of land. The sand and surf is far more than a place to build sand castles and take a dive. With this in mind, many communities sponsor green activities, like pitching in to help clean up a local beach.

Wear sustainable fashion brands

Sustainable fashion shouldn’t be confined to adults. Reportedly topped only by oil, the fashion industry is contributing to major environmental destruction – mainly because consumers insist on buying so many clothes at such cheap prices. Alternatives do exist. The solution lies in buying less and choosing better quality items that are made as ethically as possible.

If we’re going to make an impact for our future generations it makes sense that their wardrobes consist of fair fashion too. The good news is there are plenty of brands making inroads in the sustainable space for little ones, and they’re very cute and affordable! Quirky, sustainable, durable, and laced with imagination, Joseph & Alexander is the perfect example of fashion with a conscious.

Specialising in swim shorts, Joseph & Alexander's environmentally conscious pieces are designed to inspire the imagination and provoke curiosity. With each piece designed to spark an "educational conversation", critical world issues and championing environmental action are at the heart of the brand. Operating consciously using recycled fabric from ocean plastics, eco-friendly ink and reusable packaging, each collection depicts awareness-raising narratives of minimising our environmental footprint, and having fun whilst doing so.

Be kind to the sea life

Plastics that end up as ocean debris contribute to habitat destruction and entangle and kill tens of thousands of marine animals each year. To limit impact ask children to carry a reusable water bottle, and store their food in nondisposable containers, and of course, recycle whenever possible.

Teach respect for the outdoors

What happens to children when they encounter trees and greenery? When they go for a brief nature walk, learn lessons outdoors, observe wildlife, or simply relax in nature? Such experiences can be exhilarating, fun and inspirational.

For the next generation, they are an essential part of life if we want them to protect Earth for the generation after them.  There’s no reason why young children can’t learn to respect and cherish the environment, simply by developing a relationship with the nature that surrounds them. Younger children have the capacity to learn about the earth and to begin to cherish it, which will make more complex lessons even more teachable in the future.

*About the author

Australian-born, London-based Alana Sorokin is the founder of Joseph & Alexander, a quirky, sustainable and durable fashion brand.


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