Sunday 21 April 2019

The CV of 2030

Six trends that will shape the future CV

DUBAI, July 9, 2018

While artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchain are actively disrupting today’s working practices, top recruitment agency Michael Page partnered with trends forecasters Foresight Factory to examine trends shaping tomorrow’s workplace.

Leith Ramsay, managing director said: “Whether it is visible to us or not, the world of work is evolving fast. Innovative technologies are being adopted by teams and introduced into departments at a rapid pace. You only have to think about how much easier it is to collaborate and communicate across time zones and geographies today, compared with a few short years ago, to appreciate the impact of tech on jobs.

“Today the big question is: what skills will employees need to offer to be competitive next year, or in 5 to 10 years’ time? Will employers one day expect to see nanodegrees and bio-enhancements on candidates’ CVs to consider them a desirable choice for their company?”

Regarded by business leaders as an opportunity to turbocharge productivity, technology is understandably viewed by employees as a threat to their livelihoods. Our research indicates that the human employee isn’t in danger of being replaced or side-lined. In fact, the growth of tech in the workplace puts a far more unexpected issue on the table.

“We are now communicating the research findings to business leaders, HR teams and, indeed, anyone with a professional or personal interest in how the world of work is evolving. We intend to spark a debate on what the research findings mean for employers and employees alike,” Ramsay added.

The Future CV features:

•    Personal Assistant to take care of your connections and personal data, interfacing with both humans as well as with sophisticated AI and recruitment chatbots

•    Option to anonymise the CV space at the flick of a switch. Access to certain data can be restricted.

•    Central sharing point that contains documents including your personal study results, which could be helpful for an immediate check on your educational background (and liquid skills)!

•    Cloud-based, secured with blockchain as unalterable proof of past experiences

•    Designed to be scanned by AI to evaluate suitability of profile to a job description and vice versa

•    In contrast to the current public feeling about privacy norms like GDPR and data leaks, we could expect that private information will be on the cloud in future, protected by a privately owned blockchain, but accessible to AI by 2030. – TradeArabia News Service

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