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21 years on, Bosnia scars remain

, April 4, 2013

Bosnia marks the 21st anniversary of the 1992-95 war on April 6, which finds the Balkan country deeply divided, with power shared uneasily between Serbs, Croats and Muslims in an unwieldy state ruled by ethnic quotas. Some 100,000 people died and two million people were forced from their homes during the ethnic cleansing. Slow-motion intervention eventually brought peace, but at the cost of ethnic segregation. The country's southern town of Mostar, where 70,000 people live, has resisted reconciliation, and marks the anniversary without a budget to fund its basic public services. The fighting between Muslims, known as Bosniaks, and the Croats in the ethnically divided city of Mostar was some of the fiercest of the war and left them divided on the eastern and western banks of the River Neretva. Reuters/Dado Ruvic

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