Wednesday 19 December 2018

Gibraltar wins key barrier contracts in Saudi Arabia

MARBLE FALLS, Texas, October 20, 2017

Gibraltar, a leading manufacturer of anti-ram vehicle barriers used across the globe, has announced that it has received awards for multiple international projects, including from Saudi Arabia.
Gibraltar anti-vehicle barriers were selected for use on the Tuhama Power Plant, owned by Saudi Electricity Company in Saudi Arabia. 
Gibraltar's barriers were acquired for 360 degree anti-ram security with approximately 3,200 m of G-Force Brace & Beam and G-Force Combination Anti-Ram Fences, as well as multiple G-2000 Electric Wedge Barriers. 
All barriers selected for the project were crash certified by an independent certified testing laboratory to ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1. Gibraltar also provided the electronic power units (EPUs) and control panels for the active barriers. 
"Getting these products accepted with Saudi Electricity Company and HCIS was a huge success in getting these products introduced to the Saudi Arabian and Middle East markets. We are excited to provide a product that performs well, is aesthetically pleasing, and saves the customer money," says Jim Castello, president for Gibraltar Material Distribution.
Gibraltar has also been awarded a contract to supply its G-1350 Standard Mount Bollards for the Jabal Sayid Mine Project in Saudi Arabia. These bollards are also crash certified by an independent certified testing laboratory to ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1.
In Singapore, Gibraltar's G-Force M30 Post & Beam Anti-Ram Fence is being utilized to secure a vulnerable section of the Singapore Changi Airport and protect the area from purposeful and errant vehicular ramming.
Gibraltar has been successful in bidding the perimeter fence portions of these projects due to new technology they utilize in their fence systems versus traditional cable systems. Gibraltar has developed all steel beam-based anti-ram fence systems to help lower installation costs (both material and time) to the installer and ultimately to the end users. 
There are only a handful of parts between the G-Force family of anti-ram fences and many can be utilized and interchanged on each system. The systems are like an erector's set in that you put the barrier together and connect your components with each beam connecting with a single pin and bolt versus the hardware needed with traditional cable barriers, the company said.
"Once the system is erected you pour your concrete and let cure. The installation labor/time needed to install the G-Force systems are estimated at 50-60 per cent less than the traditional cable systems in the market," the company said.
The other option which makes the G-Force series of barriers unique is that there are 12" shallow foundation options certified to ASTM F2656-07 M50 P1. This gives end users with existing utilities in place an option for anti-ram fence in areas where you would previously have to relocate your utilities for crash posts and line posts, it said.
Gibraltar offers five different crash certified anti-ram fence systems known as its G-Force Series. Also offered are crash certified bollards, wedge barriers, crash gates, portable barriers, and surface mount barriers. - TradeArabia News Service

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