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Saudis call for action against ‘aphrodisiac’ on menu

Manama, August 6, 2014

Families in Saudi Arabia’s western Taef have called for action against a local restaurant promoting juices ‘exclusively for married couples,’ said a report.

Parents have complained that they were shocked to see the list of juices referring to special drinks for married couples, suggesting aphrodisiacal composition, said the Gulf News report.

The names of the drinks on the list included Viagra, Super Viagra, Arabian Nights and Lovers’ Panache, it said.

“It is all right to make money, but it has to be done in a polite and acceptable manner, not by insinuating sexual powers,” a parent was quoted as saying.

The social norms should be preserved and they should not be transgressed for the sake of taking more riyals from customers, especially as the advertisement is not genuine, he said.

Trade officials said that their primary concern was the composition of the drinks and their compliance with the regulations, but would look into complaints by consumers regarding other matters, added the report.

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