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Home security sales surging in Bahrain

Manama, May 19, 2013

Unrest on the streets of Bahrain has sparked a surge in sales of home security and surveillance systems, a report said.

Companies offering the technology have reported an increase in sales since anti-government protests began in 2011, added the report in the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.

Demonstrators have become increasingly violent over the past two years and have graduated to planting explosives, hurling firebombs and using homemade weapons to fire projectiles - sometimes at the expense of innocent civilians, who have been killed and injured as a result.

Properties have suffered fire damage while the homes of some individuals have been directly targeted.

Security industry experts told the GDN that worried homeowners had started investing more in home protection since the outbreak of unrest, reporting an increase in sales of more than 20 per cent.

Bell Systems project manager Rajith Kolupuram revealed some people were even installing systems in their homes that would normally be used to protect commercial properties.

"The trend is going towards remote security systems, which allow the system owners to check on their homes or offices from their phones," he said.

"Although these systems are not cheap, people seem to be willing to pay when they see how advanced the technology has become.

"Our company mainly deals with commercial properties, but in the last year we have started residential properties as the demand for high-tech security has risen and residents are now willing to get systems that usually only commercial companies would install."

Paragon Systems general manager Venu Gopal agreed and said his company had witnessed a 24 per cent increase in sales compared to two years ago.

"The security market in the whole country has definitely gone up in the past two years," he said. "We have seen a 24 per cent rise in sales compared to two years ago and security sales have been rising steadily for the past year.

"Both businesses and individuals are asking for more advanced systems, such as IP (Internet Protocol) cameras, CCTV cameras and security alarm systems. In the past couple of years, people are either upgrading existing systems, changing it to a digital system and adding infrared cameras, which are useful for the nights."

Vision Security Systems sales manager Subhalal Pulappad also reported an increase in sales, adding customers were willing to spend more on home security.

"We have noticed a 10 per cent increase in sales, especially for homes. People are installing camera systems that can be monitored remotely from anywhere in the world and they are willing to spend more on these systems than they would about two years ago."

Meanwhile, Arencon Security general manager Richard Monkhouse said a decrease in the number of commercial developments meant demand had dropped for corporate security solutions.


However, he added this had been offset by an increase in demand from private homeowners and smaller businesses.

"In this period I would think that there would be an increase in security guards, but business has remained constant for systems as well," he said.

"There have been less corporate developments in the last two years, so we have seen a fall in that sector in terms of new inquires, but I have noticed that security demands of individuals, smaller scale businesses and shops are on the rise.

"The new technology is making advanced systems much more affordable and convenient to use, which is making them popular,” he added.

Hi-tech property protection solutions

A range of hi-tech security systems are available for homeowners looking to protect their property.

Prices range from BD350 ($915) to over BD1,000 for security solutions in small to medium-sized homes, depending on the type of system installed.

Multiple types of entry systems are available including laser cut keys, keypad locks that require a numeric password, access cards, fingerprint scanners and even eye scanners.

There are also intrusion alarm systems, the most basic of which come with sensors that detect if a door or window has been opened.

However, the more advanced come with temperature sensors, sound sensors and even built-in floor pressure sensors.

Those wanting to keep an eye on their home when they are out - or even out of the country - can get a range of camera systems, which range from analogue cameras connected to a monitor to more advanced systems such as digital IP (Internet Protocol) cameras that have night-vision or infrared settings.

They can even monitor their cameras from their mobile phone.

More advanced technology includes cameras linked to motion-detection systems, which enable the cameras to track who or what they detect.

Advanced systems can be connected to servers that record the time and movements of people from room to room - and can be set up to notify you by SMS, e-mail or even alert the police.

If alarms are triggered, cameras can be viewed through a phone or computer and the system can be deactivated if it is a false alarm. – TradeArabia News Service

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