Thursday 2 February 2023

Alfredo Barulli

10X Experts Agency Founder Alfredo Barulli shares his journey to success

DUBAI, November 23, 2022

10X Experts Agency, under the guidance of Alfredo Barulli, has turned social media users into verified influencers, entrepreneurs into thought leaders, and businesses into exclusive brands. 
But what is the importance of hiring a reliable VIP publicity agency, and what benefits can clients receive from hiring such PR agencies? 
We interviewed Alfredo Barulli to provide people with clarity on this question.
Question: Hello Alfredo, let’s start by introducing you to our readers.
Answer: I am Alfredo Barulli, the founder of 10X Experts Agency, specialising in VIP publicity and PR in Dubai. My company and I are the go-to options for individuals and businesses to get featured in online and printed magazines worldwide. My company provides high-level exposure to our clients so they can get high-paying customers. VIP publicity can help individuals and businesses open the door for exclusive events and sit with celebrities and luxury brands at the table. 
Q. What are the challenges people face when they lack exposure and how does your company find a solution for that?
A. It's pretty simple. Individuals and businesses need to be in front of clients that will provide value for their work. If a person is working with clients who ask for a discount without reciprocating in cash, it becomes easier to reach the top. We position them as exclusive service providers through VIP publicity, press features, and social media verification.
Q. What kind of businesses do you usually work with and help through your agency?
A. See, the thing is that our agency offers placement in all levels of publications, from digital articles to front cover spreads through internationally distributed magazines. We are an exquisite service provider focusing on high-end companies, luxury brands, and influencers.
Q. What are the characteristics of a reliable PR agency in Dubai? 
A. More than being reliable, a PR agency needs to deliver results. In digital marketing, results come from experience. Our agency provides results to influencers because influencers run it.
Q. Lastly, where do most of your meetings take place? 
A. Well, I mostly travel the world, but I am based in Dubai, precisely in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. We mainly deal with VIPs, and luxury brands for PR, Media Features, and social media lead generation, and Burj Khalifa offers privacy, which is one of the reasons we're based here.
Q. Thank you, Alfredo Barulli, for your time. If someone wants to contact you for publicity, how can they reach you?
A. Anyone can direct message me on Instagram @alfredo.barulli. 


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