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UAE announces launch of new nation brand

ABU DHABI, November 2, 2019

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, and HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, have launched a national project to create and design the UAE nation brand.
Sheikh Mohammed called on 49 Emirati artists, seven from each emirate, to participate in designing the UAE nation brand logo to share the country’s inspiring story with the world. 
These include painters, sculptors, calligraphers, authors, researchers and graphic designers. They will come together in teams to brainstorm and discuss innovative logos that capture the true essence of the UAE as an inspiring success story of constant development worth celebrating and sharing with the world.
The new nation brand will reflect the UAE’s exceptional and successful experience as a country with ambitions, dreams and aspirations of no limit.
It will also represent the historical, cultural, humanitarian and economic elements and values of the people of the UAE.
Sheikh Mohammed said: "We are inviting 49 Emirati artists and designers across the seven emirates to participate in designing our nation brand logo to narrate our story and journey of development to the world."
"We seek to consolidate our country’s beautiful image in the global consciousness. Developing our nation brand is a new step in the journey of establishing the UAE’s presence in the world," he added.
Sheikh Mohammed said: "We aim to create a UAE brand logo that all our sectors will use to share our story across all fields with the world. The stronger our nation brand is in reflecting our authentic experience, the more we are able to inspire millions on their journey of development."
"The UAE is a land of opportunities and dreams. This is our story that deserves to be narrated to the world," he added.
Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed pointed out that UAE presents an innovative success story and an inspiring transformational journey that transcends geographical boundaries. 
"The UAE has emerged as a source of hope and inspiration to other people and governments on a global scale. The nation brand will share its successful experience as a model of human progress that can benefit and inspire other societies on their journey to development and progress," he stated.
"Through building a nation brand, we strive to establish the UAE’s positive image and promote its story of rapid development in the global consciousness at an individual and state level," he added.
"Developing a brand image that represents the UAE’s values will help strengthen and expand our diverse national initiatives for the benefit and happiness of people. The UAE is at the heart of a global economic, social and cultural development. The nation brand will deepen the country’s impact and soft power across the world," he stated.
The UAE leadership said nation branding goes beyond a logo; it is a set of perceptions, associations, opinions, feelings that a country projects to the consciousness of the foreign public. 
Gradually, people start attaching certain perceptions and ideas to a nation, they stated.
The visual identity of a nation’s brand, just like the case in businesses and corporations, reflects a nation’s unique values and elements that set it apart, they added.
According to experts, the nation’s visual image or logo can be used across all sectors and events to represent and promote a country’s economic, historical, geographical, humanitarian and cultural elements to the rest of the world.
Countries across the world have rolled out innovative branding campaigns and projects including Singapore’s "Passion Made Possible" campaign, Australia’s Kangaroo symbol, Canada’s distinctive maple leaf, New Zealand’s silver fern and the United Kingdom’s "Great Britain" campaign. 
These campaigns have helped promote the global image and represent the identity of countries to the world, creating better awareness and, ultimately, a better understanding of a nation, they added.-TradeArabia News Service   


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