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Saudi Arabia launches new mosque construction code

RIYADH, May 24, 2018

Saudi Arabia has implemented a new mosque construction code as part of its efforts to streamline the building of mosques in the kingdom, according to a report.

This code will be vital for the design, lifespan and operating costs of monuments, reported Arab News, citing Prince Sultan bin Salman, the president of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH).

Prince Sultan highlighted the importance of establishing the code, which is considered an important stage in the construction of mosques and the culmination of partnership efforts with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

The new code will help develop the design of mosques and improve their architectural quality, stated the top official.

"The code is a main element in the efforts ... to serve the holy monuments. It will consider the cultural and urban aspect of each region. It also sets an outline for mosque architecture concerned with many social, power and urban issues," explained Prince Sultan.

Lauding the move, Tawfiq Al Sudairy, the deputy minister of Islamic affairs, said the code is aimed at increasing the lifespan of mosques while lowering the construction costs.

"It also aims to rationalise power consumption, lower operating and maintenance costs, approve social and security requirements and the necessities of people with special needs. It also considers the urban state of the neighbourhood, city or village where the mosque is located," stated Al Sudairy.

The proposed duration for the elaboration of the new code is 15 months during which various workshops and seminars will be taking place, he added.

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