Friday 20 April 2018

CIA 'spied on 7.8bn Saudi calls'

Jeddah, October 28, 2013

US spy agency CIA has spied on 7.8 billion calls in Saudi Arabia, the Arab News said citing a report from Cryptome, the digital library host that was created by the US as a repository for secret documents and material.
The Cryptome report said that “Saudi Arabia was the target of espionage operations,” besides several other countries in the Middle East and Asia, the report said.

The Cryptome website said that around 124.8 billion espionage operations were made by the US on a global scale during January 2013, which included Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The report said that Egypt was targeted with 1.9 billion operations, Jordan with 1.6 billion, Iraq with 7.8 billion, Iran with 1.73 billion and Pakistan with 12.76 billion, it said. The biggest espionage operations on phone calls targeted Afghanistan, with 21.98 billion operations.
India was another country that registered more than a billion monitored calls.

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