Monday 17 May 2021

NGN launches PowerDMARC for email protection

MANAMA, July 27, 2020

NGN International, an IT systems integrator and IT consultant headquartered in Bahrain, has partnered with PowerDMARC, a Delaware-based DMARC solutions provider, to launch an email authentication and anti-spoofing platform.
Emails have become one of the most common methods of internet fraud employed to steal money and sensitive data from individuals and organisations alike, said Yaqoob Al Awadhi, CEO of NGN.
“If there’s one thing common to nearly all major data breaches and internet scams you’ve read about in the news, it’s that they start with email,” Al Awadhi said. “These breaches may cost companies and organisations losses amounting to tens or possibly hundreds of millions of dinars or dollars.”
He explained that the hackers use the organisation’s domain to send emails to their associates and customers asking for login credentials, credit card details, or fake offers. He added that phishing emails are one of the easiest ways for cyber attackers to compromise an organisation’s security.
“As a business owner, you need to ensure that your customers, partners and organisations you deal with only see emails you’ve sent yourself, not fake emails that appear to originate from your domain and can be used to steal information,” Al Awadhi added.
Faisal Al Farsi, Co-Founder and CEO of PowerDMARC explained that their partnership with NGN is to increase adoption of their email authentication platform to protect brands from business email compromise (BEC). PowerDMARC builds on widely deployed email verification techniques: SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) along with newer protocols like BIMI, MTA-STS & TLS-RPT. To make their security systems even more airtight, they make use of an AI-driven threat intelligence engine to detect and take down IPs abusing your domain.
“PowerDMARC uses the latest email authentication protocols and monitoring from a 24/7 Security Operations Center to protect corporate domains from being compromised,” said Al Farsi. “The technology specialists at NGN will tailor security solutions specifically for organisations based on their needs. From configuring SPF, DKIM and DMARC records, to setting up the dashboard, to achieving full DMARC enforcement, NGN will take care of the heavy lifting for the client. The result is a secure domain and a DMARC implementation that allows the client to monitor the email traffic easily.” -- Tradearabia News Service


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