Saturday 7 December 2019

Jordan logs over 2.7m ransomware attacks in 2018

AMMAN, July 4, 2019

There were more than 2.7 million ransomware attacks and around 39,400 malware incidents reported across Jordon last year, said Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, in a new threat-assessment report.

In this light, Trend Micro has urged Jordanian enterprises to put hybrid-cloud security front and centre in their digitization roadmaps.

The findings come at a time when businesses across the country are embracing hybrid-cloud infrastructures. A separate Trend Micro global study estimates that by 2020 as many as 90 percent of organizations worldwide will be adopting or using hybrid cloud infrastructures and services, as such environments endow businesses with agility and efficiency while reducing costs.

As such, company experts believe cloud security will become a keystone issue for businesses in the coming years. However, the company has urged Jordan’s corporate decision-makers to implement hybrid-cloud security measures with due care, because the architecture carries with it some intrinsically unique requirements, given the cross-platform nature of operations.

Trend Micro’s hybrid-cloud security portfolio, now available in Jordan, will likely become a key tool in securing digital perimeters, detecting and mitigating intrusions, and providing business-continuity options for organizations. The company’s offerings are designed for those that are keen on capitalizing on the operational and economic benefits of virtualization and the cloud, but are struggling to secure virtualized data centres, cloud infrastructures, and container environments against the onslaught of extant threats.

“Now, organizations across the Kingdom of Jordan can innovate safely, in the knowledge that their on-premises and cloud-based infrastructures, both physical and virtual, are protected by a trusted, all-in-one solution,” said Mahmoud Arabi, head of Business Development, Levant Region, Trend Micro.

“Our research finds that 59 per cent of Jordan-based organizations are using automated security tools to integrate security into processes and tool chains, to orchestrate, monitor, deliver and manage operations. This makes automation a necessity for many companies to further streamline their workloads and processes.”

Trend Micro’s Deep Security combines everything security teams need in a single dashboard that gives rich visibility across multi-environment architectures such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and VMware, without compromising cost or performance, allowing top-grade detection and protection capabilities for businesses of all sizes and industries.

In addition to that, Regulatory compliance becomes simplified with Deep Security, enabling enterprises to grow without constraint by optimizing their resources through features such as centralized management, automated server discovery and vulnerability shielding.

“Security mechanisms such as intrusion detection and prevention systems [IDS/IPS]and firewalls help thwart network-based threats and exploits, while application control prevents anomalous executables and scripts from running,” added Arabi.

 “Despite the increasing popularity of containers, like Docker, in application development, organizations continue to use other virtualization technologies and computing platforms, like on-premises or physical software and servers, virtual machines, and even serverless infrastructures.”

Visibility of workloads and infrastructures across multiple environments remains a major concern for enterprises across Jordan. Internal governance and the ability to streamline and automate processes for audits, compliance reporting, and risk management is of vital importance.

Trend Micro’s Hybrid Cloud Security solution provides everything security teams need to take control of their infrastructure and protect it from external bad actors, delivering compliance and confidence in equal measure. Deep Security is designed for defence-in-depth security capabilities across an application or process’ life cycle, from pre-deployment to runtime.

In the first quarter of 2019, Trend Micro’s “Smart Protection Network” portfolio handled around 619 billion queries, blocked 13.8 billion threats and detected 40 new ransomware families. – TradeArabia News Service


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