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5 ways a mesh system delivers wi-fi for the house

DUBAI, December 6, 2017

These days the average person uses several different devices that can put a strain on home wi-fi systems. While you’re watching your favourite series on your 4K HDTV, the kids are in another room battling it out with a gaming marathon and your spouse is working on the laptop.

You’ve probably been frustrated by lag or buffering issue from an overused system. Now everyone can enjoy uninterrupted 100 per cent strength wi-fi inside and outside the home with a powerful Mesh wi-fi system such as Linksys Velop.

For larger homes or those with heavy wi-fi demands, a weak signal can be a daily annoyance. This can be caused by obstructions like floors, walls and doors between you and your router. Other devices like your microwave or baby monitor can also interfere with your wi-fi signal. Even if you’ve set up a home network with the latest wi-fi hardware and a 100 Mbps Internet connection, you can still get lag or delays.

Here are five solutions for wi-fi annoyances a Velop Mesh system can solve for your home:

1)    wi-fi coverage everywhere. No more dead spots. You can position the nodes for full-strength coverage anywhere in your home. The tri-band modular mesh system is flexible and scalable to suit your needs and layout. Choose how many nodes to use and where to place them for a powerful wi-fi signal everywhere, whether you’re streaming music in the garden or want to play a game in the basement.

2)    Use multiple or older devices with no lag. If you use many devices simultaneously or older ones, they put an extra strain on your network and slow it down. The special MU-MIMO feature in the mesh system delivers high-speed wi-fi to multiple devices at the same time as if each one has its own, dedicated wi-fi router. This means you don’t have to worry about lag or buffering anymore.

3)    Seamless consistent speed anywhere. Move around your home without worrying about dropping in the middle of a video call. Did you know that Range Extenders create a separate network that your devices won’t automatically switch to? You have to manually reconnect. Devices connected to Velop seamlessly switch between nodes to ensure you always have strongest connection as you move throughout your home. Plus your network only has one name and password so you can stream video in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom without worrying about buffering or a dropped connection or switching networks.

4)    Manage your wi-fi with an easy app. The app will guide you step-by-step through the set-up process as well as suggest the best places to put the nodes in your home so you’ll get the best wi-fi coverage. It also has lots of cool features to let you manage the system such as Parental Controls, device prioritization and more. You can easily set up a guest network for your dinner guests or babysitter.

5)    Design that blends into your home. The small nodes are designed to be beautiful and blend in with your home décor. You can leave them in plain sight and not only do they have a very small footprint, they are unobtrusive and feature a clean, home-friendly design that can be placed safely out of way of kids or pets running around.  – TradeArabia News Service

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