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Bahrain Polytechnic grants Marketing Awards across 22 categories

Manama, Bahrain, July 3, 2022

Bahrain Polytechnic’s Bachelor of Business Studies Marketing faculty held its annual Marketing Awards ceremony, yesterday (July 2), at the Downtown Rotana, in Bahrain. 
The event was held to celebrate and recognise young marketing talent who have reached exceptional achievements over the academic years of 2019 to 2021 in the Bachelor of Business Marketing at Bahrain Polytechnic, a statement said. 
“It is important that we highlight and recognise the young Bahraini talent that we are developing so that they realise studying is not only about getting grades, but more importantly, it is about achieving personal excellence. Our program is all about professionalisation of our learners and we want to recognise this so we can motivate them to push themselves to grow and be the best version of themselves every day,” said Philip Cragg, Marketing Program Manager at Bahrain Polytechnic. 
The event brought together current students and alumni of the program for a celebration of outstanding achievements through the announcement of award winners across 22 industry sponsored categories that recognised exceptional performance in marketing and professional development of selected individuals and teams.
“Marketing is a business discipline that is far more than sales and advertising, therefore, in our program we tackle the full breadth of this business function. Through their learning journey our talents get hands on experience across every dimension of the marketing function and the soft skills they will need when they enter the workplace. We evaluate our learners by how they apply their learning in real life and creation real outputs for their projects,” said Amir Zaidan, Marketing Faculty at Bahrain Polytechnic. 
The awards are allocated to individuals and teams based on merit as a result of a carefully designed evaluation process by the faculty of the program that considers many criteria depending on the category of the award. 
“Not everyone gets an award, and that is okay, because it makes the awards extra special, and it teaches our learners the value of going the extra mile and being proud of their colleagues for exceptional achievements. Some categories focus on the marketing discipline and some focus on professional development, and that is what makes our program so unique. We use a talent development approach that recognises and celebrates commitment, ownership, resilience and personal excellence.” said Dr Philippe Vande Wiele, Senior Marketing Faculty at Bahrain Polytechnic.  
The award categories, sponsors, and number of winners were: Commercial marketing award (sponsored by Maggi - Nestlé) – 3 winning teams; Marketer of the year (sponsored by I-World Connect ) – 3 winning individuals; Marketing Campaign of the year (sponsored by NBB) – 1 individual, 1 team winner; Creative marketing award (sponsored by NBB), 1 individual, 2 teams; Best collaborative industry project (sponsored by EATCO ME), 3 teams; Social media marketing award (sponsored by EATCO M), 3 individual winners; Most committed trainee marketer award (sponsored by Devji) – 3 individual winners; Brand development of the year award (sponsored by NBB), 1 team winner; Marketing Associate consultant of the year (sponsored by DATP2) – 3 winning individuals; Most satisfied industry client award (Sponsored by NBB) – 3 winning teams; Trainee marketer award (sponsored by Marjan Space) – 3 winning individual; BBUS Marketing Journey award (sponsored by American School of Bahrain) – 3 winning individuals; Best services marketing experience award (sponsored by Mazars), 2 winning teams; Digital marketer award (sponsored by Domine), 2 winning individuals; Best marketing team award (sponsored by Ebrahim K.Kanoo), 2 team winners; Introduction to marketing award (sponsored by NBB) – 7 individual winners and finally the Personal marketing brand award (sponsored by NBB) – 3 individual winners. 
A special mention was made with the award of ‘best support system’ which was given to the administrative team Bahia Annya, Amal Naji, Asma AlBalushi and Shima Alhumood for their continued support to the program and making this unique and regionally pioneering program possible.
“Our program is very innovative and dynamic, a true pioneer for the region. Every semester our learners are working on complex marketing challenges that are presented to them by real companies in Bahrain, so they will know what to do in the job when they graduate. Organizing and delivering this type of learning environment comes with a lot of challenges for the faculty involved and therefore a strong administrative and institutional support system is critical for this to be successful. We are fortunate to have such a great administrative team to help us out so we can do the best possible for our young talents to get the most out of their learning journey,” said Tijjay Mitchell, Marketing Faculty at Bahrain Polytechnic. 
The event was fully developed and organised by a team of two graduates of the Bachelor of Business Marketing Amal Juma and Amal Al-Aradi, who took on the challenge to develop the largest Bachelor of
Business Marketing Awards ceremony up to date. 
The event was a celebratory evening of many success stories in the program whereby, aside from a prestigious award, the winners received a range of prizes that were sponsored by some of the 200 + companies that the Bachelor of Business Marketing has worked with over its 11 years in Bahrain.
“We are very grateful for the goodwill we find in our partnerships for education that gives opportunities to young talent to grow and prosper. It confirms to us that our partners value the work our talent does for them and the work we do as Bachelor of Business Marketing at Bahrain Polytechnic by developing pathways for the future generation of marketing decision makers in Bahrain” said Maryam AlShaikh, Marketing Faculty at Bahrain Polytechnic. --TradeArabia News Service


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