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UAE to test driverless vehicles on 5G technology

DUBAI, December 9, 2019

Driverless vehicles are tested on 5G technology ahead of a planned deployment of such vehicles on UAE roads, said Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, director general of the UAE’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

"We will expand 5G network to important sectors such as transport, health and education. As per this policy, 5G network was provided in a place away from the city in Dubai [Dubai Silicone Oasis] for testing driverless vehicles," Al Mansoori told the Emirates news agency Wam.

According to industry reports, 5G-enabled driverless vehicles will be able to have more efficient and quick communication with each other and traffic infrastructure, which will help minimise traffic jams and bottlenecks.

The 5G technology can also enable these vehicles identify traffics conditions and potential dangers quickly.

Talking about location priority for provision of 5G, Al Mansoori said it will depend on requirements for transport, health and education sectors.

He added that hospitals would need 5G for conducting remote surgeries and universities would need it for research.

"This means they [those who want 5G network for above-mentioned purposes] do not need to wait for us to roll out 5G in a particular area. They can approach the provider to get it immediately," he emphasised on the sidelines of UAE 5G Conference in Dubai.

The TRA is coordinating with authorities in transport, health and education sectors, and private sector entities to implement this strategy for better utilisation of 5G network, he said.

Asked about the existing penetration of 5G network in the UAE and its future expansion, he said mobile phone subscribers in the UAE should not be concerned about access to 5G.

"The existing 4G network offers a speed close to that of 5G network. Whereas in many other parts of the world, including in Europe, the 4G network does not offer such a speed," Al Mansoori explained.


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