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Be’ah starts waste management ops in Dhofar

MUSCAT, January 10, 2017

Oman Environmental Services Holding Company, be’ah, has kicked off its waste management operations in the Dhofar Governorate, Times of Oman reported.

The operations began in Wilayat Thumriat, and the rest of the wilyats with Dhofar Governorate to follow, the report said.

International operator, Averda, has taken up these operations which are being monitored by be’ah to ensure safe, efficient and smooth transition of waste management services to be’ah, according to a press release.

Averda’s services in Dhofar cover allocating sufficient amount of bins and maintaining them, ensuring cleanliness around bins within an area of 0 metres, and finally collecting the waste and transferring it to engineered landfills.

The infrastructure in Dhofar consists of an engineered landfill in the governorate and two engineered transfer stations in Raysut and Mirbat, the report said.

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