Thursday 28 October 2021

Anila Gonsalves with a child

Fabulaa - Assistive Speech now available in Arabic

DUBAI, September 20, 2021

Fabulaa - Assistive Speech, an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) mobile application is now available in Arabic. 
Developed by Resolve Technologies, Fabulaa is a digital assistive tool designed to simplify the life of those individuals who struggle with simple daily conversations. 
Conversational breakdowns are common among people who are, but not limited to hard of hearing, battling autism, or suffering from speech delays brought about naturally or through injury and trauma.
Fabulaa is one of the few AAC apps that have been launched in Dubai, UAE. The simple to use app is currently free and can be easily downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.
Fabulaa is the brainchild of Anila Gonsalves. She is the mother of an autistic child who has difficulty in communication because. She says: “The pace at which digital innovations are being introduced to us is just mind boggling. We have seen technology take over and make our lives brighter and easier. There is no reason that this technology should not be used to include autistic individuals or even help make their lives easier. Technology should know no borders and should be available and accessible to everyone. With the help of technology we can expedite acceptance, inclusion and independence for these individuals. With that in mind we have launched an Arabic version of the app to cater to people here in the GCC.”
Communication serves five major purposes: to inform, to express feelings, to imagine, to influence, and to meet social expectations. Each of these purposes tend to be reflected in a form of communication. Professional assistance is key in helping in learning and communication. 
When Fabulaa is added to the mix, we hope to make learning and communication easier. With Fabulaa we aim to helps improve the speech of AAC users, language development, augment communication, and literacy and increases the quality of work, school, and general life.  
There are studies that prove picture exchanges helps improve language development of children with autism.
Fabulaa is designed to caters to pretty much all age groups - right from kids, to adults, to senior members of our society. With its multiple features Fabulaa provides users, caregivers and parents a simple adaptive way to reach out to their loved ones who struggle to communicate. It is like putting words in one’s hand.
“We are taking the steps in the right direction and we do hope that with Fabulaa more people find it easy to overcome their communication struggles,” adds Gonsalves.-- TradeArabia News Service


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