Friday 5 June 2020

Crimson Education offers free e-learning content

DUBAI, March 23, 2020

As the focus shifts to online learning, leading EdTech company Crimson Education supports aspiring university students by offering free access to online content including webinars, e-books and ground-breaking tools to help them land a spot at their dream university.
As schools and universities across the region temporarily close amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Crimson Education tackles the issue head on, releasing a special webinar discussing the impact of coronavirus on education, plus revealing a series of high-tech online tools and e-books which can be accessed for free at the click of a button.
Being an institution that is dedicated to university admissions, consulting and leadership advising, Crimson Education has generated a new online tool which guides students in assessing and picking a university that is best suited for them.
Their complex US and UK College Admissions Calculators comprise one of the largest algorithms of its kind in the world and uses machine learning technology to provide accurate reflections on an applicant’s candidacy. The calculators use intricate details and data including SAT scores, extracurricular activities and personal preferences, enabling them to be highly personalised in comparison to generic SAT score calculators. Additionally, students needing help understanding how they stack up to their peers can access Crimson Education’s Grade Calculators free of charge.
To keep students occupied at home, the elite organisation is offering free online e-books covering everything from Medical School, Ivy Leagues, Oxbridge, STEM education, tips to plan your summer, extra-curricular and leadership mentoring and more. The e-books and guides, which are accessible resources designed to help students and families plan their pathways to higher education, can be accessed via a quick Google search or on Crimson’s website.
Addressing the current situation, Crimson Education’s CEO, Jamie Beaton recently held a live webinar tackling questions about COVID-19 and helping parents understand the impact it may have on their child’s future in education – from school classes and extra-curriculars to standardised testing, college applications and opportunities for growth. Students can access the webinar, which has been posted along with a three-part blog series on Crimson’s website, by entering their details at the bottom of this page.
On March 28, Crimson Education will be hosting a special webinar, providing students, parents and educational professionals expert tips on how to secure the brightest academic future amidst the COVID-19 panic. The webinar will be led by Andrew Wooten, senior vice president at Crimson Education, who will be sharing exclusive insights into how the world of edu-tech can keep candidacy strong for elite institutions. Prices for the webinar start from Dh43 ($11.7).
Originally founded in 2013 in New Zealand, Crimson Education has arrived in the Mena region fairly recently – though with already impressive results. Crimson students in the Mena region have received offers to Ivy League Universities as well as other Top UK and US universities, including Stanford, Harvard, UChicago, Columbia, King’s College, UPenn, St Andrews, and more. In the last few years, Crimson Education has helped its students secure 220+ offers to the Ivy League, 95 to Oxbridge, 1,100 to the Top 50 US Universities and 400+ to the UK Top 10 universities, as well as $65 million in financial aid and scholarships. - TradeArabia News Service


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